Scaling up with Esko’s ArtPro and Automation Engine


Skanem Interlabels automates prepress across its three plants in India

Skanem Interlabels India, is part of the Skanem Group. With their HQ in Norway, Skanem Group has been in business for over 110 years and has 13 production sites across 9 countries. As part of the Group’s strategy of digitalisation, Skanem Interlabels India has upgraded its prepress with Esko’s ArtPro and Esko’s Automation Engine software at the Vasai plant which has a fleet of flexo, letterpress and digital presses. It also extends prepress support to the Baddi plant in North India and the Guwahati plant in North-eastern India.

For Skanem, cutting edge prepress software tools that are recognized and serviced globally are just the beginning. The day-to-day efficiencies of industrial strength software must lead to faster and better press utilization in its plants across India. With top notch industrial strength prepress software, Skanem is working to increase production quality and quantity and to reduce turnaround times.
Mr. Kamal Sharma, Operations Director at Skanem Interlabels India says, “ArtPro is a quality control tool that helps packaging and label professionals by detecting potential problems at an early stage.

Any element in the artwork that doesn't meet the requirements is highlighted, enabling the operator to quickly find and fix it before sending for print.” With the Esko Viewer in ArtPro, an operator can view and compare separations just as if they are inspecting the final plates. The separation files are visible in high resolution, reducing the risk of wasted proofs, plates and press downtime.
Additionally, with the installation of Esko’s Automation Engine, Skanem has streamlined its entire file management process and automated job tracking and prepress functions in a common workflow across letterpress, flexo and digital presses. Automation Engine allows users to pre-set and automate repetitive tasks and decision making within the workflow to reduce operator interventions
and errors, thus improving production efficiency.

Skanem Interlabels India builds flexible and automated workflows with an intuitive graphical user interface using Esko’s Automation Engine. Tasks such as pre-flight, trapping, generating proofs, creating reports, adding colour marks etc. can be automated in the workflow. The data management tools within the software optimize data storage and allow for fast location of product status and data
throughout the production chain.


About Skanem Interlabels

Skanem is a leading producer of self-adhesive labels, with 13 production sites across 9 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. Skanem Group has been in business for over 110 years and offers labelling solutions across all market segments. Skanem Interlabels India has recently opened a new plant in Guwahati in Eastern India to provide the responsive pan-India coverage that consumer product companies require. Skanem Interlabels India also manufactures automatic labelling machines, at 2 state of the art manufacturing facilities in Vasai and Baddi.


About Esko (

Packaging Simplified. Esko helps its customers to make the best packaging for billions of consumers. The Esko product portfolio supports and manages the packaging and print processes for brand owners, retailers, designers, premedia and trade shops, packaging manufacturers, and converters. For 9 out of 10 retail packages, Esko solutions are used in packaging management, asset
management, artwork creation, structural design, prepress, 3D visualization, flexo plate making, workflow automation, quality assurance, sample-making, palletization, supply chain collaboration and/or the production of signage and displays.

The Esko solutions consist of an extensive suite of software and two hardware product lines: CDI flexo computer-to-plate imagers and Kongsberg digital cutting systems, complemented with professional services, training and consultancy. Enfocus, with its suite of automation solutions and PDF quality control tools for printers, publishers, and graphic designers, is an Esko subsidiary. MediaBeacon, with its digital asset management (DAM) solutions is also part of the Esko family.

Esko employs about 1,500 people worldwide. Headquartered in Gent (Belgium), its sales and service organization is in daily contact with customers all over the globe. Esko is a Danaher company (


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