PRATI launches FUTURA technology



PRATI  is released a brand new technology named FUTURA at Gulf Print & Pack as it exhibits with distributor Printech Middle East. Launched on the highly successful Saturn OMNIA slitter rewinder, the new concept enables converters to immediately upgrade and adapt their equipment to keep pace with future demands.

Compared to today’s standards, this unique open-platform technology enables an unlimited number of instant upgrades to safeguard the initial investment in finishing equipment which are designed to cover a handful of market demands. The goal of the technology developed by PRATI is to allow converters to adapt immediately to a fast-moving market. With FUTURA, on-site upgrades are available. Downtime is kept to a minimum and 24-hour stoppage is enough to up-grade what once required six days to accomplish.

As is evident on the Saturn OMNIA in Dubai, the underlying technological platform makes it easy and fast to integrate additional modules, upgrading the machine’s performance and adapting to new requirements. Already a highly flexible solution, Saturn OMNIA is the sole market solution that handles SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML – one of the the fastest-growing label type in today’s market.

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