"Expect More from Labelexpo India 2020"


In conversation with Jade Grace, Portfolio Director, Labelexpo Global Series


Labelexpo India is the largest event for the label and package printing industry in South Asia. Many printers and converters visit the show to  learn about global label trends and technologies. They witness live demonstrations of the latest machinery and materials.

The show’s 6th edition took place at India Expo Centre & Mart in Greater Noida from 22 to 25 November 2018, and  recorded a total of 9851 visitors from 55 countries over the  four days. This  is 22.7 percent more than the previous edition in 2016.  


Talking to Labels Flexibles & More, Jade Grace,  Portfolio Director for Labelexpo Global Series, shared a few insights from the 2018 event.  


She said: “The main difference between Labelexpo India 2016 and this year’s show  is that we used exhibitor feedback from 2016, including what they wanted from the organizers, and how we can build on this. We partnered with numerous brand owners like Avery, SMI, ESKO, HP, etc. for the extremely successful Brand Innovation Day that took place on day one of the show. The exhibitors and the sponsors were delighted with this year’s show.


In addition, we wanted to see our audience increase from outside the geographical region and also from different segments of the market attending the show.


 Our marketing activity was focused on the neighboring countries and we hosted several roadshows in countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka in partnership with their regional associations. This paid off, as we actually saw large delegations from these areas visit the show for the first time.”


Talking about the next edition of Labelexpo India, Grace added: “India has a massive population and is one of the biggest markets in the world. Labelexpo India is in fact not a country specific show, but a show embracing  South Asian countries. However, in order for it to remain as effective as it possibly can be, partnerships are crucial.


For this reason, and because we want our shows to be continually evolving and improving, after every  show, we carry out an exhibitor survey. And in the next edition we will build on our experience from the 2018 roadshows by encouraging  more printers from countries like Nepal and East Africa, as well as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. South Asian countries like these follow the pattern of India for printing, so there’s a synergy. We hope  to carry out more roadshows and go deeper into the interior. For us this will be an extremely valuable investment.


Europe is by far  the most innovative and advanced region, but one thing that especially appeals to me about the Indian industry is the fact that printers and exhibitors here are very curious for knowledge. They are forward thinkers and want to know what is coming up on the horizon. Digital in India is moving in a big way. All the regions are moving in the same direction but at a different speed.”

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