Reifenhäuser India; 25 years and Counting….!


Reifenhäuser(India)Marketing Ltd. (RIML) represents some of the world’s leading brands in Plastics Extrusion, Flexible Packaging, Converting, Injection Molding and Labels solutions. Headed by Mr. Manish Mehta, the company has grown and provided some very interesting and innovative solutions to some of India’s leading converters every year.Recently, the company has completed 25 years and in an interview with Labels Flexibles and More Manish Mehta reveals his success mantra.



Technology First

“We try to be with the best technology and never compromise with it or for just wanting to be part of a bigger brand or a market share. Our priority is always to avail the best technology that gives faster ROI. There is lot of ground work or homework that is done to get competitive technology in an Indian version at the best price. No technology or machinery is provided without good and valid reasons. Calculation & due diligence is done in areas of product efficiency, flexibility, utility consumption, rated output; close tolerances and wastage amongst others,” Mehta says.


Reliable Service

“For every technology, we have a tech specialist who goes deeper into the subject. After choosing the technology we try to hire a technocrat - an expert of that particular technology who has complete knowledge of the product, its lifecycle & market. Immediately after sales, we start developing a technical service team. Previously, we were just installing machines but subsequently we have also started with processed technology. Thus, if any company wants a good, qualified and experienced printing master for improving their production or streamline process & who understands the machine, can approach us without any hesitation,” Mehta elaborates.



“Segmentation is required to get the knowledge of customer and creating a base for sale – we call branding & brand positioning in modern language.We always narrow-down the market and later evaluate different perspective like right technology & scope, different marketing activities, right pricing and then focus on that area and make strategic approach.Branding and brand positioning needs to be done for each product and without just wide spreading out to complete market & diluting its effect.Evaluation of the need should be done before introducing brand / technology in market place.” according to Mehta.


Continuous Expansion

Expansion should be done after building solid foundation. “Starting from 1993 with a 50-50 percentage joint venture with Reifenhauser, Germany. RIML’s expansion has always been a step towards forward integration.


After starting within 3-4 years, we added products like printing films, laminating, Slitting and gradually more products for downstream. We started with All Electric injection molding and blow molding as well. So after 25 years, I think we have done reasonably well as learnt lot from our mistakes. Now it's time to explore new markets and therefore we are extending our business activity to Middle East and Africa. We intend to start with Reifenhauser and then later step-by-step shall introduce our other principles as well. Digital printing and 3D printing is also in our focus and catching our attention,” Mehta explains.


“Besides the real benefits that can be derived for Digital Printing, it is a challenge to source an indigenous digital concept because of the cost. Today a customer has many options of printing such as Flexo, Gravure, Screen or offset, which, for him, is only one of the tools to print. The important factor is the selection of novel technology and neglecting the duplicate. We understand the customers’ requirements, not only for today but also of their future. We do not limit the customer by trying to sell a copied version which may limit his growth in the future. The technology that gives high yield, separate them from competition and faster ROI is always our priority,” Mehta concludes.

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