Taurus Packaging plans to diversify into Labels


Established in 1995, Taurus Packaging is the leading manufacturer of PVC, OPS, PETG, PLA shrink sleeve labels, BOPP wrap-on labels, polyethylene stretch sleeve labels, flexible packaging laminates, printed collation shrink film and multilayer printed bags and pouches.


With an aim of giving value addition to their product the company bought their first CI Flexo in 2006 and later added few rotogravure machines in their production line. Speaking to Labels Flexibles & More director of the company Mr.Chetan Jain revealed their expansion plans. 


He said, “My father Rajesh Jain started the business as a trader for films but later we started with manufacturing activity in 2006. Currently, we are one of the leading manufacturers for shrink sleeves and wrap around labels in India. The standard product patterns are getting stagnant, we believe in giving variation to the product and that is our USP. Specifically, for shrink sleeve we give special effects like Holographic, Cold Foiling, Sand Finish, Matte Finish, Soft Touch, Wet Touch, etc.


Talking about its expansion plans Chetan said, “We already have two units in Greater Noida but to cater to label industry we are planning to build one more unit in Greater Noida in 6500 area that will have world class facility for label production. In-mould labels is first choice for production since it is fast-catching. In this competitive business environment every producer wants to have unique offering that keeps them up in the race, we wanted to challenge ourselves and analyse our capability.”


“India is a market where the small volume or short run job is not really of small quantity where in European countries small run job is actually a small run job. Indian market is very dynamic, most of the time there is a change in the law itself. And hence brand owners are scared to order for a big volume and are going for a small volume or mid volumes. There is huge increase in the number of short run jobs as the dynamics of the market is changed. But now there is a technology available in the market to do short run job. Digital printing has made easy for clients to see their mockups.”


“There are various norms in place for protection of our environment and we are also ready with it our customers are demanding for various food grade packaging or recycling packaging. We are actively using PETG which is 100% recyclable and can be used to produce or manufacture a wide range of goods. PETG is a Thermoplastic, which means that it can be shaped and reshaped over and over again by simply heating it up. Because of many drawbacks of PVC, we have emphasized many clients to move to PTEG from PVC. Max is our business associates and we buy BOPP film from them. They have always supported us to grow our business.”


“The market is constantly growing and there is a demand for huge volume. Each brand brings new product on daily basis and to promote it they require different designs for every states in regional language. We offer volumes from 10 sleeves to 10 million sleeves and even does mock-ups and sampling. As per our marketing strategies, we want to explore the domestic market completely and then look for export opportunities however we are doing bit of exports currently.” Jain Concludes.


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