The advanced 4.0 smart control system from Shavo


Originally operating as a division of Shavo Norgren India Pvt. Ltd., Shavo Technologies was formed as a separate entity in 1996 representing international companies in variety of sectors. Later in 2007, Meech Shavotech Pvt.Ltd. was Incorporated with a joint venture between the British company Meech International.


Meech Shavotech product profile essentially consists of cleaning system and static eliminators used for narrow web and wide-web production printing. The wide range of electrostatic products that provide anti-static and ESD protection and measurement, static generation, electrostatic control and elimination. The Web Cleaning product lines include integrated antistatic controls for static elimination as well as many other cost and energy saving features. The company presented their innovative range of products in LabelExpo India 2018 at stand J25


Speaking to Labels Flexibles & More, Rushil Shah, managing director, Meech Shavotech, said “Having statically neutral environment is very essential in production area. In paper industry or in Gravure printing the charges can be as higher as 200 KV to 300 KV and you tend to get operator shocks. The static charges can cause lot of material miss behavior, contamination, and can hamper quality of print.


We have lot of solution to eliminate static charges like the ionizing bar that is fitted on a machine to eliminate static charges; the static testing meters to monitor the static charges; Electrostatic generator and various other equipment’s. lot of the label manufacturer use a static eliminator equipment on the unwind and rewind machines.    


Recently, we have more traction with web cleaning equipment’s for label industry. In Europe and many other countries are moving from contact to non-contact web cleaning system where the cleaning is done without human intervention. In the contact systems, the rubber rollers picking up the dirt and contamination on the web. For complex substrates, it is advisable to use non contact systems where fluid dynamic technologies are used to break the boundary layer on the web and then vacuum and suction system cleans up the contamination without touching the web. Possibly we are the only company in India that have all the technology (contact as well as non-contact) for web cleaning. In web cleaning side we have over 15 solutions.


Speaking about the acceptancy to the technology he says, “The adoption of static elimination equipment in Indian is in very early stage. But last 5 years we have witnessed lot of changes and the printers/converters are much better educated and are aware of the solution available in the market. We have witnessed the sharp increase in web cleaning business.


As far as static elimination goes we aim to lead the industry. We have lot of integrated feedback systems, smart controls which can communicate with PLC. There is lot of technological advancement in our static products, we are not just supplying the old standard bars but our bars can handle much higher speed. Recently, we have just launched 4.0 smart control system where static elimination bars can connect to smart control unit and you can adjust the frequency, polarity and get the feedback from all the units.”


“We have full Technology centre in Pune. The team of four dedicated engineers and separate service backup team that does installation. Highlight of last year was three good installations in Avery Dennison center in Pune.” Concludes Rushil.

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