Importance of Participating in Trade Shows: The Label Industry Expert Perspective


If you are looking to generate a highly lucrative business lead or require a platform to test or launch a new product that provides better visibility and credibility for your brand then exhibiting in a trade show is just an apt marketing tool for you.


Just like two facets of a coin, exhibiting in a trade show has two distinct perspectives .One lobby of exhibitors believe participating in a trade show is a necessity which has to be endured rather than exploited. On the other hand, the other group believes that while trade shows are expensive and are of limited value to any business, their participation is purely based on peer pressure.If they will not participate then their buyers may think they are facing some financial difficulties which can acts as a dent to their image and may turn out to be very unhealthy for business growth.


 “Trade shows provide good exposure, certain  shows connects us with the small ticket buyers like SMEs and few connect us to the big tickets buyers like ITC, Walmart and more,said Mr. Ajay RaoRane, AVP Digital printing Solutions-Domino India


Trade shows are the best place to meet a cross section of customers, understanding the current industry trends and receive feedback on your machines and services. It gives you an opportunity to understand what your competition has to offer and you can witness the unveiling of latest technology on the floor, says Mr. Amitabh Luthra, MD-Printers Supply Co. Pvt. Ltd.


Mr. Manish Mehta, MD-Reifenhauser(India) Marketing Ltd. says,The main reason we participate in any trade show is to demonstrate our latest technology and showcase how we differ from our competitors


Trade show expenditures are one of the major and only form of organized marketing communication activity other than the efforts by sales force and regular sales channels.


Mr. Bhupinder Singh, Country Sales Manager India-Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd. says, We at Avery Dennison spend approximately 20-25% of our total marketing budget on Industry specific trade shows & conferences”.


Domino India spends 40% of its marketing budget on trade showsadds Mr. Ajay RaoRane, AVP Digital printing Solutions -Domino India


When a potentially attractive marketing platform promises to offer face to face customer interactions with an expected increase in sales, any company would eagerly embrace an opportunity but the trouble in the water begins when the expected ROI is nowhere near in sight. How does a company measures the effectiveness of any trade show?


Mr. Vikram Saxena, Sales GM, Flint Group India Pvt. Ltd. (Xeikon Division) says, Every company has its own measure of ROI. We do not consider immediate sales as a necessary measuring tool marking the effectiveness of the show or a return to our investment. At Xeikon, we believe in relationship building and the sales funnel we develop during the show gives us the necessary results.By being very selective in number of trade shows we select to participate and through small industry focused forum meetings we achieve the marked ROI”.


The effectiveness of any trade show can be measured by three major factors: Immediate sales, Leads generation, Perception of customers and brand recall value. Immediate sales is usually not seen during most of the trade shows or if so, it is not up to the expectations but the leads developed during the process and brand value established is impactful and delivers the desired results.So, I would say that we can achieve the desired returns on the investment we makeclaims Mr. Ranesh Bajaj, Director-Vinsak India Pvt. Ltd.


There are no set of rules which defines measurable parameters against which efficiency of any trade show can be evaluated, but wisely choosing the right trade show can help you venture into the desired target market, marking your future success story. But what are the trade shows Label Industry Printers, Convertors or Machine manufactures choose to write their success story and what do they expect from trade shows?


Avery Dennison India Pvt. Ltd.: We are participating in Print Pack, where we will be exhibiting in the Label Zone, an initiative of ALPS, Print Fair and Label Expo. What we look forward to achieve at such big platforms is three pronged and is what we call AOP:

A - Create awareness about the latest label technology advancement happening worldwide

O - Generate and Tap on business opportunities - new and existing in label and packaging space

P - Penetrate into new market spaces - packaging & segment wise to expand our business reach


Domino India: For Digital Printing business we are participating in Label Expo and we are aspiring for Brand and product awareness along with insightful interaction with prospective buyers.


Printers Supply Company: As ALPS member we will be supporting Label Zone in Print Pack. The other trade shows we will be participating are Eastern Print Pack and Label Expo India.


Reifenhauser India Marketing Ltd.: For this year, we are opting for Label Expo India to participate and apart from getting orders we are more keenly interested in brand building and showcasing how we are technologically different from our competitors.


Vinsak India Pvt. Ltd.: We are participating in Print Pack, where we will be exhibiting in the ALPS-Label Zone, Gulf Print Dubai and Label Expo. From any trade show we expect to enter new market segments by showcasing new technology and solutions to the industry.


Flint Group India Xeikon Division: This year we will be exhibiting in Label Expo South East Asia. More than immediate sales, what we expect from any trade show is relationship building and sales funnel for coming years.

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