Arshad Electronics launches FLUXOMATIC PLASMATREATER at PlastIndia 2018


At Stall H6C2 in Hall No.6, the regular participates Arshad Electronics had displayed its newly launched FLUXOMATIC PLASMATREATER. The special feature of the technology is that it is been licenced and certified by INSTITUTE OF PLASMA RESEARCH, Gandhinagar. Arshad Electronics are pioneers in Corona Discharge Treaters and Induction Cap Sealers since 1971 and have more than 10000 Installations all over the world. They have also introduced the Plasma Systems for Plastics and Textile Applications.


Talking to us, Mr.Aslam Moolji, MD of Arshad Electronics said, “Plasma is a partially ionized gas, composed of highly excited atomic, molecular, ionic and radical species of free electrons and photons. Plasma technology is highly innovative in the field of superficial treatments of the materials based on a DBD electric discharge (Dielectric barrier discharge). The modifications applied to the surface are on nanometer scale at room temperature. The process involves Cleaning, Activation Grafting and Deposition.”


-It is based on DBD discharge.
-It operates under atmospheric pressure with air or inert gas and several gas mixtures.
-It produces plasma between two or more electrodes in which the fabric runs.
-Speeds up to 20 meters / min.
-Treatment on Single or Double Side.
-Fabric width up to 2000 mm.
-High tension/ frequency electric generator, with automatic control power, PLC controlled.



It generates innovative materials and new surface properties.
It does not modify the bulk property of the material.
Negligible quantity of chemicals.
Dry process, which does not require solvents or chemicals dangerous for the environment.



It operates at atmospheric pressure
Continuous Production processes.
Reduced Process time
All disadvantages due to the preparation of vacuum plants are avoided.
It is not necessary to use seal devices.



Increase of wettability.
Increase  of Hydrophilicity.
Water- repellent and oil-repellent surfaces achieved.
Biocompatibility (Antibacterial properties of adhesion; affinity to proteins and other bio molecules).
Dyeable (Increase of dyeing speed).
Print (Increase of absorbed color quantity by the textile fibres).


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