Plastindia unveils world's largest T shirt manufactured from PET waste bottles


Measuring 97.5 metres in height and 70.08 in width the plastic garment creates Guinness World Record. Intrestingly, it was made from recycled plastic waste polyethylene terephthalate bottles

Plastindia Foundation, the apex body of plastics industry in India took the responsibility of the effort, said it took up the initiative to create awareness of the need to manage plastics waste and recycle them more efficiently.

Later, the fabric from the T-shirt will be used to create 10,000 T-shirts and will be distributed to children from the weaker sections of society.

K.K. Seksaria, president, Plastindia Foundation, said, “It was a long process, which included making the yarn and stitching. People were involved from all over India, and mainly from Mumbai because the project was being executed here.”

Mr. Seksaria added, "Our aim was to show that every plastic material is a useful resource and it does not necessarily have to harm the environment if it is used in a responsible manner.

Vimal Kedia, managing director, Manjushree Technopack Limited, said "Plastic is not bad and it is proven today.”

“We cannot manage our day-to-day life without ignoring plastics. From toothpastes to telephones and laptops. We ourselves are wearing plastic. Today, even the jeans we wear is not completely cotton, but made out of polyester.” said Mr. Atul Kanuga, chairman, Environment and Plastics Image Committee.

He further added, “Disposal of plastic is the prime challenge. We are proud to say that India is one of the largest recyclers of plastic bottles and other plastics. This initiative is a big step towards educating people that articles can be made out of used plastics, they can be reused and recycled.”

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