Ecofriendly Water-washable Cosmolight®, Printight® Printing Plates from Toyobo

2018-12-01 By Abhishek Patwa, New Delhi

Founded in 1882, Toyobo began its business in spinning and textile industry. Adapting the changing needs, the company later expanded their business in various other sectors of Films & Functional Polymers, Industrial Materials, and Healthcare. They are the renowned manufacturer of the letterpress printing, water-washable, photo-sensitive printing plate - Printight®.

Toyobo has commercialized the world's first water wash flexo plate, Cosmolight®. With the superior photopolymer technology, the water-wash plate is also durable to water-based ink. The CTP (computer-to-plate) technology is to be able to create higher and clearer reproduction of screen dots and letters. Cosmolight® is evolving due to our unique water wash polymer technology. The new Cosmolight® Z series have outstanding high quality in terms of vignette and ink transfer.

Together with their Indian Counterpart Lucky Graphics, the company promoted their Printight® and Cosmolight® plates in Label Expo India. In conversation with us, the sales and marketing manager Masaou Matsuda for Toyobo said, "Majority of plates for flexography in India is solvent wash. Cosmolight® plate is water washable plate. After washing the plates, it gets dried in just 10 minutes where solvent plates take about 2 hours for drying. The biggest advantage with our plate is it has built-in flat-top-dot that gives sharp images. Flat-top-dot technology is getting more popular in the market nowadays. In fact, Toyobo was the first company who started built in with flat top dot plates Technology in early 2000.

The revolutionary Toyobo plates eliminates the need to use toxic, environmentally damaging washout solvents, and allows processing by "Water". There is reduction in cost and consistency in plate quality due to eliminating the solvent and applying the flat –top-dot technology.

Rohit Sachdev, Managing Director for Lucky Graphics says, "In India less than 1% of printers are using water washable plates therefore there we foresight huge potential in the business. The technology does not require solvent for washing hence it is not hazardous to health. It is at par with solvent plates and saves time because the plate can be made in less than hours' time. We believe in direct sale strategy, where we plan to approach the plate making house, as most of the printers here are buying plates from plate making houses or approach directly to printer."

"Labelexpo getting better day-by-day. It is good place for networking. Customer is getting wiser and we have witnessed new technology/equipment's in the show." Concludes Rohit.

The Toyobo Group seeks to become a manufacturer of high-functional products, continuously creating new value by enhancing our core technologies.

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