BST eltromat India to display Low cost 100% Defect Detection System for Narrow Web Applications

2018-11-01 By Releases, New Delhi

Like many other large industries, the label industry too is energy and chemical intensive. But it also consumes huge amounts of water, paper, ink, adhesive and lots of other raw materials. Printers expect perfect results in terms of quality, process and product safety and that too with minimum wastages of the resources. Short production cycles call for minimized set-up times hence the most suitable way to make the process perfect is to complete the jobs without wasting resources and time.


A lot of the wastage can certainly be avoided or reduced greatly during the processing or printing of the material in its various production stages. This will not only help printers to save on materials but also ensure to maintain the quality of the product. Efficiency requirements for the printing production continue to expand. Profitability can only be achieved by effectively reducing changeover times and minimizing waste. Here, Quality assurance systems play a great role for label printers.


For perfect print results, BST eltromat India, provides a wide range of product portfolio for quality assurance systems and maximum productivity in narrow web applications. BST eltromat India’s Cutting edge technology of 100% print inspection systems TubeScan Digital & Shark LEX ensure complete monitoring of the process by reducing wastage and maintaining quality of the product foe narrow web application.


TubeScan Digital & Shark LEX, provides considerably higher process reliability. The system detects defects even during the printing stage and is highly recommended for all kind of narrow web applications such as, press, slitter and/or re-winder. BST eltromat India, the leader in quality assurance system are going to display TubeScan Digital system which is a Low on Cost and High on performance system, during LabelExpo India 2018.


TubeScan Digital- The intelligent solution for print Inspection


The system provides considerably higher process reliability with the base function digital strobe because it always delivers steady images and true colour representation irrespective of the web speed. The operator can keep full control over the entire production, even during critical phases like make ready time and start/stop.


Salient features:

  • Base function Digital Strobe
  • Smart combination of imaging technology and the stroboscopic principle
  • Delivers a steady image and true colour representation
  • Detection of fine print defects, register defects & color variations
  • Accurate counting of repeats, labels & missing labels for upto 20 lanes
  • Job saving function for repeat orders
  • Optional features: UV Illumination for monitoring security features & Job report


TubeScan is simple & enables reliable quality control, it shows 100% of the web as a fast movie stream compared to life mode offered by inspection systems or video cameras with 1-2 images / sec.

TubeScan displays the live view on a big separate HD monitor and control windows are therefore not in the way blocking the 100% view of the web. TubeScan uses 2 separate monitors to display user interface and live image, advantage-better visibility of the much larger displayed live image in HD quality.


Printers can count on multiple benefits of the TubeScan once they install the system on their presses. TubeScan does 100% web inspection 100% of the time, it is cost-efficient, compact and space saving system with time saving and simple set-up. It provides real time display of the full repeat on HD monitor and suitable for transparent, reflective and opaque materials. Very reliable and stable operation, even at high web speed and can be synchronized with a re-winder through a placement control module. TubeScan comes with multiple system configurations to choose to suit your application and recommended for all narrow web applications irrespective of cost, speed & resolution.


For more details about TubeScan Digital, please visit BST eltromat’s booth in Hall no. 3 | Booth no. H17during LabelExpo India 2018

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