Mudrika upsurge its production with Gallus 440 Label Master

2018-08-01 By Associate Editor, Mumbai

The prominent label manufacturer - Mudrika Labels installs Gallus 440 Label Master. Gallus 440 Label Master is the fastest and countries 2nd one of its kind flexo press that is been installed in Mudrika Labels Pvt.Ltd. in June 2018. The company is one of the renowned manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, heat transfer labels, in-mold labels (IML), corrugated boxes and printed cartons. 


Speaking about the investments, Manish Desai, Director of Mudrika Labels said. “This year Mudrika has heavily invested in two different division. For label division, we are focusing on getting higher production volumes hence we have installed Gallus 440 Label Master that has more capacity and wider width of 440 mm which increases our production by 30%. It can print on substrates such as paper, self-adhesive material, monofoil label material, tube laminates, etc. The machine speed excels up to 200 m/minute. This is our 7th Gallus press. Thankfully investment in Gallus has always turned out to be positive for us.”


“In Bhilad, we have set-up a separate unit for gravure printing where we have installed our 2nd 11 colour gravure press plus metallization plant. For gravure printing, our focus is mainly in production of heat transfer film which we export to Korean.”

Speaking about the prices hike, he said, ‘We are growing at around 12 % year-on-year. However, now due to higher dollar rate we are losing up to 5% on price, though we are getting some benefits in export. It is always a challenge to pass this price rise to end buyers. In last 3-4 years there are multiple increase in price like the labour cost is increased by 40%, the raw material cost is also increased by 10% - 12%. It is very difficult to compensate the raw material price hike with the price offered to the customers We are also in coordination with our raw material suppliers to consider us as a single buyer for all their material which probably will give some respite in price rise.”


“Very soon we will have our own in-house flexo plate making technology from one of the leading companies like Esko, Du Pont or Kodak.” Says Mr.Desai.


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