Re India displays efficient Automation Solutions

2018-08-01 By Associate Editor, NEW DELHI

Exhibiting the technological innovative solutions in Pack Plus 2018, Re India succeeds in capturing visitor’s attention.


Catering to Indian paper, film & foil converting industries the company offers tension controller, pneumatic brakes & clutches, electromagnetic powder brakes & clutches, web guide systems, web video  systems , 100% Print Inspection system ,air shafts & safety chucks, mechanical chucks, core adaptors, , viscosity control system and web controlling solutions.


S.K. Shah, Director and CEO of Re India said. “Our focus in the show is to promote Re Products, viscosity control system from GAMA and electrostatic & web cleaning solutions from ACE. The advanced technology GAMA viscosity controller has high accuracy and low maintenance. The machine has top level of electricals and is extremely sensitive. It has been installed in many CI Flexo presses. Many OEM like Uflex, Manugraph, Carraro & Carraro has installed GAMA viscosity controller. Viscosity improves the print quality and reduces the rejections.”


Talking about the ACE electrostatic & web cleaning solutions, Ms.Dhara Pandya, Application Engineer said. “ACE ESA 24V is ideal instrument for increasing the net output of rotogravure printing press. The system is capable of eliminating sparks during printing process and thus eradicate risk of accident due to high voltage cable in press unit. The system grants the highest efficiency level and operation.”


Reviewing the show and elaborating their goal of participation Mr. Shah said “Networking is our prime purpose of participating the show. We are leaders in tension control systems with approximately 80% market share capitalisation held by RE India. Selling the product is not just our motive but also to provide satisfactory solution to the convertors. We sell around 1500 brakes in a year. The response received in the show is very satisfactory.”


“May be after 10-15 years the conventional printing will be taken over by digital printing, but definitely Garvure and Flexo will be the option for long run job. CI Flexo is also fast catching-up due to its enormous advantages.” Adds Mr.Shah.

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