ALPS Conference on ‘WHEN & HOW Go Digital’

2018-08-11 By Abhishek Patwa, Mumbai

The Association of Labels Prints and Suppliers (ALPS) conducted its 1st ever seminar on ‘WHEN & HOW Go Digital’ at Hotel Sea Princes (Juhu) in Mumbai on 10th August 2018.


The speakers from the label fraternity spoke about the various topics like

  • The Challenges in adoption of Digital Technology for Indian Label printers.
  • Opportunities in the digital printing technology
  • Conventional Vs Digital and how to combine the two technologies to get the best of both worlds.
  • Trends in Digital Printing & Digital Label stock.
  • The Challenges in Digital Finishing.


In the panel discussion, Denver Annunciation, director of Janus International said, ‘The printers today have to change their mindset on digital printing. Digital is a three-step process viz, priming, printing and converting; there are three cost i.e. the machine cost, consumables and service cost. The printer needs to be completely aware about their cost as per print model adaptation and it needs to be evaluated their cost on a print bases or daily bases. They are required to analyse the what best suites them and accordingly decided the technology whether to adopt conventional of digital.”


‘Digital is very exciting technology and there is lot of buzz of it all around the world. However, there are certain factors that are stopping the conventional printer to adopt this beautiful technology like, colour gamete that should match the specification of the customer, inks and consumable cost, etc. The per unit cost of a digital label is expensive than a conventional label but is beneficial in certain short-run jobs.” Said Tejas Tanna, director of Printman Group.


Specking about some international facts, Vijay Pareek, MD of Genius Flexo said ‘World-wide only 7.2% all jobs are printed in Digital and value wise it is 3%. In India, 90% label printers are a flexo printer and buys a printing plates from a pre-press house and they do not possess front-end experience and facilities. The labels printers are most equipped to add value on digital labels.”


‘In last few years, the demand of premium product is amplified and hence the pressure for short-run jobs. The market scenario now is changing constantly it demands adoption of digital printing. For example, labels for wine bottles demands short-run. As the economy grows market evolves.’ Said Reneesh Bajaj, director of Vinsak India.


Talking about the consumable cost and concluding the session, Ajay Roa Rane, AVP Digital Printing Solution of Domino India said, “With the more and more people buying new technology adaption the cost of that particular technology goes down and hence the consumable cost. Digital for short run is economical. As the volume goes up the prices will go down and that is economics of scale. As in case of digital technology, the cost of digital inks has gone down in last three years.”

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