Intergarphic Installs Pulisi in multiple locations at Ahmedabad

2018-07-06 By Associate Editor, Ahmedabad

In another milestone, Intergraphic Sales & Service (Mumbai) installs Pulisi 100% defect detection system in Nitai Presscamp Pvt.Ltd. and in Unick fix-a-form & Printers Ahmedabad


The converters securing high end business opportunities with toughest qc factors with Pulisi defect detection system. The renowned system has the most user friendly teledyne dalsa camera from Canada.


It is easy in operation and has fast establishment of inspection standard template that saves modeling time. This single inspection machine is equivalent to five inspecting staffs, which can save plenty of labour energy.


Except common printing defects inspection, it also can be detected for  bubbles, scratches and excessive glue.

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