Repro Poly Services Invests in a Kodak Flexcel NX Wide

2018-06-19 By Press Release, Hyderabad, India



Repro Poly Services, a Hyderabad based flexo pre-press bureau, recently installed a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide System in response to the demands of flexo printers in India who are increasingly seeking on press efficiency across a wider range of flexo print applications, without sacrificing quality.

“We have always been a forward-looking company and have embraced new technology when it makes sense for our business,” said Rohit Shingala, director, Repro Poly Services. As a long time supplier of digitally-imaged flexo plates to the industry, when it was time to bolster our production capacity, we decided to go wider. We realized that Kodak Flexcel technology was best suited for the capacity and capabilities we require. The system ensures we are in the strongest position to serve the demands of our customers and sets our business on the right foot to grow into the future.”

For Repro Poly Services, The FLEXCEL NX Wide System’s fine image reproduction, print contrast and high densities will enable the company to compete for business traditionally beyond the capabilities of flexo. In addition, with enhanced ink transfer capabilities and high-resolution, flat-top dot structure—FLEXCEL NX enables print efficiencies that include faster start up times, reduced waste and longer plate life.

Repro Poly Services is the second firm to install a Flexcel NX system in the city of Hyderabad and marks the 25th machine installed in India as increasing numbers of printers in India are choosing FLEXCEL NX to meet the demand for higher levels of productivity and improved output.

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