Gallus EM 280 drives success for Icon Prints in Label Production

2018-04-27 By Abhishek Patwa, Navi Mumbai

Mumbai-based Icon Prints is a wonderful example of a company, which has achieved success by opting for the right technology for its print production.

Founded in 1996 by Suresh Sheth and his partner, the company initially began operations by manufacturing wet glue labels in roll forms, used extensively in the pharmaceutical sector.  From there, the company has come a long way.


We spoke to Mr. Gautham Sheth - Director of Production & Sales, who graduated from Ryan college (US) and joined his father in 2007. He said, “Currently we have three mainline machines for production, a 4-colour and 7-colour equipment with built-in features like hot Stamping, vanishing, die punching, etc. Very recently, we installed a fully loaded 10-colour EM Gallus 280, capable of printing dual labels.”

Extolling the features of Gallus EM 280, he added, “Before installation of the Gallus EM 280, we were virtually handicapped in most areas of production. The Gallus EM 280 has enabled us to diversify and strengthen our label offerings. Today, we can engage in wet-side printing, strip gumming, dual labels, thanks to the Gallus EM 280 – an ideal machine for cost-effective production of high-quality, self-adhesive labels in short- to medium-sized runs. It is easy to operate, allows flexible combination of printing processes and has a quick-change platform for short changeover times, all of which make it perfect for anyone starting out in water-based (WB) and UV flexographic printing. It can also be upgraded to handle rotary screen printing, hot foil embossing and cold foil printing.”

On a concluding note, Mr. Gautham Sheth said, “the new Gallus EM 280 has given us the impetus to embark on new ventures and offer new products.  We have no plans to invest in other new machinery in the near-term, as we believe the Gallus EM 280 is feature-rich, and can drive desired levels of productivity with its solid performance.”


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