'Daetwyler sets new benchmark by doubling its sales of Coated Blades in Indian Market'

2017-11-16 By Associate Editor, Mumbai


Magnifying its sale by two folds in a span of just one year, Daetwyler Coated Blades sets new benchmark for Indian Market.


Global market leader for coated and uncoated doctor blades, Daetwyler SwissTec is the manufacturer of high quality doctor blades. Daetwyler SwissTec is an innovative providerof high-quality doctor blade types for every printing application and various other consumables for the printing industry. Their product portfolio is under continuous review in order to meet market andcustomer requirements.  In our recent conversation with Mr. Markus Resing (Deputy Head of Marketing & Sales) divulge that Daetwyler Swiss Tec India is going in a good pace and has doubled its production.


He says, “Besides Switzerland, we have manufacturing units in India, China and US. The process and technology used in all the units is a replica of their parent plant in Switzerland. We do not compromise in quality, and in order to have same precision all the raw materials are supplied from headquarter to all the manufacturing units. Various quality checks are done in different levels of manufacturing. However, for extremely high quality coated  blade smanufacturing is carried out only in Switzerland plant.”


Speaking on the coated blades, he says, “Our products are very competitive in terms of price since we offer extremely good quality at competitive rate. The quality of printing from coated blades isbeyond comparison (with uncoated)as it delivers products with high accuracy, moreover the run length is also many times more than uncoated blades. After evaluating the customer requirement, we advise them what works best for them. Investing in coated blades is like peanuts because the money that you save on the other hand is huge in terms of less wastage and downtime. Usage of good quality doctor blade prevents stoppages of press and it is especially advisable for the high speed machines. Coated blades are solving diverse problems of the printers and hence the sentiments of printers are now slowly changing to quality products. We have doubled our sale in last one yearin the Indian market. Coated blades are really solving the purpose of our clients and they are really appreciating it.”


Daetwyler has vast product range which serve almost all printing technology, like offset, narrow web, wideweb, rotogravure, corrugation, etc. Mr.Sudhir Dhotey, Managing Director Daetwyler SwissTec India said, “We offer extensive technical support to our clients andall our sales Managers/Engineers are printing engineers and some of them are experts. As required, we provide relevant training to all clients.



Concluding on the flexible packaging industry, Markus added, “Flexible packaging industry will continue to grow in India where lot of food is still not packed. In future, you will see all the foods will be packed and all the packages will be printed. The printing companies are growing in India and the demand for printed products is also increasing as we witness approximately 10%- 12% of growth year-on-year. With our recent acquisition of Rotoflex Group (Grenchen, Switzerland) which specializes in gravure printing and flexographic printing inks, we plan to dominate printing supplies business. However, currently, Rotoflex products are mainly sold onlyin European market but we plan increase its base to all over the world .”

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