Labeling Solutions by Manroland India

2017-03-23 By Associate Editor, New Delhi


NOVEXX Solutions is a global leader for all needs in terms of Printing, Labeling and Print & Apply Solutions including a comprehensive range of labeling materials. NOVEXX Solutions originated from Avery Dennison, the inventor of the self-adhesive label, and is based in Eching near Munich. In India, Manroland India Pvt.Ltd. is the official distributor for the NOVEXX products.  Manroland was the prominent participates in PRINTPACK India 2017. We spoke to Mr.Sajan Abraham (General Manager Sourh Asia for Novexx solutions) and asked about the products that were demonstrated in the show.

He said, “We have displayed NOVEXX Print & Apply labeling machine. The ALX systems meet today’s high standards for product coding and identification and offer reeliabl solutions for virtually any print and apply requirements.  The special feature of this machine is it will not only print the label but also will apply the same on the carton with accuracy of +/- 1 mm. We also have a labeling machine where the pre-printed labels are applied directly on the product. We have installed many machines in liquor industry where the label is applied at a speed of nearly 400 bottles per minute.”

“We have installed more than 1000 machines here are in India. NOVEXX Print & Apply labeling machine is one of the best and unique machines of PRINTPACK hence we have many interested visitors in our stall.”

Speaking on one of the interesting scenario, he said, “Recently, we have installed labeling a machine in one of the reputed cigarette manufacturing company. There was a sudden change in the government norms to enlarge the statutory warning message and its image which is on the back of the cigarette packet. Due to this change, our clients (the cigarette manufacturer) were about to discard their cigarette of approximately 110 crores since they have already packed the products with old warnings. Later, they installed our labeling machine and pasted the pre-printed labels on the cigarette packages and saved their entire inventory.”

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