The "Transformation of Flexo" enters a new phase: Kodak announces game changing KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution

2018-09-27 By Releases, Rochester, New York

Kodak expands industry-leading FLEXCEL NX product family with new integrated, solvent-free and VOC-free flexo plate making solution to enable a press-ready plate in less than an hour.


Over the past decade, the KODAK FLEXCEL NX System has revolutionized the flexo industry, bringing an unprecedented level of quality and performance to flexo printing for the benefit of everyone involved in the packaging value chain. Kodak is now announcing another revolutionary innovation – its KODAK FLEXCEL NX Ultra Solution. This new solution is the result of

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Mudrika upsurge its production with Gallus 440 Label Master

2018-08-01 By Associate Editor, Mumbai

The prominent label manufacturer - Mudrika Labels installs Gallus 440 Label Master. Gallus 440 Label Master is the fastest and countries 2nd one of its kind flexo press that is been installed in Mudrika Labels Pvt.Ltd. in June 2018. The company is one of the renowned manufacturers of self-adhesive labels, heat transfer labels, in-mold labels (IML), corrugated boxes and printed cartons. 


Speaking about the investments, Manish Desai, Director of Mudrika Labels said. “This year Mudrika has heavily invested in two differe

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Re India displays efficient Automation Solutions

2018-08-01 By Associate Editor, NEW DELHI

Exhibiting the technological innovative solutions in Pack Plus 2018, Re India succeeds in capturing visitor’s attention.


Catering to Indian paper, film & foil converting industries the company offers tension controller, pneumatic brakes & clutches, electromagnetic powder brakes & clutches, web guide systems, web video  systems , 100% Print Inspection system ,air shafts & safety chucks, mechanical chucks, core adaptors, , viscosity control system and web controlling solutions.


S.K. Shah, Directo

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Konica Minolta India makes its first roll-to-roll label printing installation for AccurioLabel 190 at Hora Art in Noida!

2018-08-13 By Releases, NEW DELHI

The innovative digital label printing solution provides superior productivity, colour stability, and profitability, along with easy operability and cost-efficient operations


New Delhi, August 09, 2018: Konica Minolta Business Solutions, a leading global provider of advanced imaging and networking technologies, has recently installed AccurioLabel 190, its state-of-the-art digital label printing solution, at Hora Art in India. The Hora Art installation marks the first roll-to-roll label printing installation made by Konica Minolta India and

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ALPS Conference on ‘WHEN & HOW Go Digital’

2018-08-11 By Abhishek Patwa, Mumbai

The Association of Labels Prints and Suppliers (ALPS) conducted its 1st ever seminar on ‘WHEN & HOW Go Digital’ at Hotel Sea Princes (Juhu) in Mumbai on 10th August 2018.


The speakers from the label fraternity spoke about the various topics like

  • The Challenges in adoption of Digital Technology for Indian Label printers.
  • Opportunities in the digital printing technology
  • Conventional Vs Digital and how to combine the two technologies to get the best of both worlds.
  • Trends in

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Meech Launches IonWash System for 3D Component Cleaning

2018-05-01 By Associate Editor, U.S.

Meech International is announcing the launch of its newest technology, the IonWash, designed for the fast and consistent removal of contamination from 3D components in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, among others. The freestanding 3D component cleaning system incorporates extremely powerful ionisation, as well as blowing and vacuuming airflows, providing a more efficient alternative to manual cleaning.


“From the point of inception, the IonWash was developed with ease of use and cleaning efficiency in mind,” explains Adam Battrick, Sa

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FSSAI plans to implement 'Traffic Light Labelling' rules on Packaging and Labelling

2018-07-10 By Associate Editor, MUMBAI

'Traffic Light Labelling' is a system of indicating the status of contents using the red, amber or green a la traffic lights. The system was first implemented in the United Kingdom in 2007. This labelling allows people to know about the nutritional content of the packaged foods – such as salt, sugar and fat content – as red for very high (unhealthy), amber for moderate, and green for low (healthy). Foods with 'green' indicators are healthier and to be preferred over those with 'red' ones.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority

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Intergarphic Installs Pulisi in multiple locations at Ahmedabad

2018-07-06 By Associate Editor, Ahmedabad

In another milestone, Intergraphic Sales & Service (Mumbai) installs Pulisi 100% defect detection system in Nitai Presscamp Pvt.Ltd. and in Unick fix-a-form & Printers Ahmedabad


The converters securing high end business opportunities with toughest qc factors with Pulisi defect detection system. The renowned system has the most user friendly teledyne dalsa camera from Canada.


It is easy in operation and has fast establishment of inspection standard template that saves modeling time. This single inspection machine is equival

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Weigang extend its reach to Africa.

2018-07-06 By Associate Editor, AFRICA

In the first ever installation of Weigang flexo press in Africa, Intergraphic Sales & Services, the official distributor of Weigang and exclusive in India is credited for the installation of an 8-color fully servo driven ZJR-330 flexo printing machine at Perfect Packaging in Nigeria.


The international sales manager of Waeigang says, “with this installation we now make our presence in the African market and are hopeful of positive growth in the region.”


Perfect Packaging started operations in 2010 at the new plant in Lagos

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BST eltromat India introduces efficient Automation solutions!

2018-07-05 By Associate Editor, India

BST eltromat India, the leader in quality assurance systems for printing & packaging industry are celebrating their 25th year in India and on this occasion they are all set to unveil a new Automation division to machine manufacturers and users to automate their various process work-flows. BST eltromat’s first-class technical competence and many years of practical experience with the most varied and diverse areas of application enable them to be a strong partner who understands the industry’s precise requirements for automation.


BST eltromat underst

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Marks Emballage signs up for 2 Gallus Labelmasters in landmark deal, first-ever in India

2018-06-14 By Press Release, Baddi

Baddi-based Marks Emballage earned the unique distinction of being the first Indian printing firm to invest in two Gallus Label master flexo presses in a single order, as part of its new plant expansion with a total planned investment of 5 million euros. The acquisition sets the stage for Marks to work in more productive and path-breaking ways, while broadening its footprint in high-growth market segments. The print house expects the huge capital investment to enhance its capacities and capabilities in the label industry.


Commenting on what is one of the largest d

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Repro Poly Services Invests in a Kodak Flexcel NX Wide

2018-06-19 By Press Release, Hyderabad, India



Repro Poly Services, a Hyderabad based flexo pre-press bureau, recently installed a KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide System in response to the demands of flexo printers in India who are increasingly seeking on press efficiency across a wider range of flexo print applications, without sacrificing quality.

“We have always been a forward-looking company and have embraced new technology when it makes sense for our business,” said Rohit Shingala, director, Repro Poly Services. As a long time supplier of digitally-imaged flexo plates to the industry, w

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TSC All Set To Launch Its Latest Innovations At COMPUTEX 2018

2018-05-30 By press release, New Delhi

TSC Auto ID, a global leading manufacturer of innovative thermal label printers for industrial, desktop and mobile applications in the AIDC industry, together with premium product brand “Printronix Auto ID”, is set to launch its latest tech innovations at COMPUTEX 2018 including, manufacturing, logistics, retail and the healthcare industry, shows at TWTC NANGANG Exhibition Hall (1st floor, booth number K0610).


The evolution of Industry 4.0 changed the development of traditional manufac

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Desmedt invests with Flexo Wash to raise quality standards

2018-05-22 By press release, Belgium


One of Belgium’s leading label converters, Desmedt, has invested heavily in a package of cleaning technology manufactured by Danish company Flexo Wash.  The overall investment, which exceeded €150,000, was part of a major re-organisation of Desmedt’s production capability at its plant in Bornem, close to Brussels.


Speaking for Desmedt, owner Henri Köhler said: “In today’s highly competitive marketplace you need to have all elements of production under control to run best quality.  To ensure our new p

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Kodak ExpandsGlobal Literacy Program in 2018

2018-05-18 By press release, Rochester, New York

Company uses sustainable technology to provide books and school supplies to high-needs communities around the world

Rochester, New York, May 14, 2018 –Kodak announced today it is creating a volunteer printer network that will produce thousands of children’s books and school supplies in 2018 to benefit some of the world’s most disadvantaged populations, using sustainable Kodak printing products, such as KODAK SONORA Process Free Plates.  
“It’s wonderful to see printers signing up across the globe to participate in Kodak’s Print for G

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Meech Launches IonWash System for 3D Component Cleaning

2018-05-10 By Rushil Shah, Pune

Meech International is announcing the launch of its newest technology, the IonWash, designed for the fast and consistent removal of contamination from 3D components in the automotive, aerospace and electronics sectors, among others. The freestanding 3D component cleaning system incorporates extremely powerful ionisation, as well as blowing and vacuuming airflows, providing a more efficient alternative to manual cleaning.

“From the point of inception, the IonWash was developed with ease of use and cleaning efficiency in mind,” explains Adam Battrick, Sales Director at M

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Label Solutions installs 10 colour Taiyo Press

2018-05-01 By Abhishek Patwa, MUMBAI

The emerging company, Label Solutions of Mumbai, are well known for delivering consistent quality product in western India. They manufacture pressure sensitive and self-adhesive labels in roll form. Handled by highly qualified professional, the company is running with full orders and plans to double their production in the span of one year. The company is owned by three partners Mr.B.S. Rana, Mr.Sunil Sawant and Mr.Hemant Pathak. Getting pace with the business, recently, they have installed 10 colour Taiyo Flexo press. In India, Taiyo machines are sold and distributed by Standa

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Gallus EM 280 drives success for Icon Prints in Label Production

2018-04-27 By Abhishek Patwa, Navi Mumbai

Mumbai-based Icon Prints is a wonderful example of a company, which has achieved success by opting for the right technology for its print production.

Founded in 1996 by Suresh Sheth and his partner, the company initially began operations by manufacturing wet glue labels in roll forms, used extensively in the pharmaceutical sector.  From there, the company has come a long way.


We spoke to Mr. Gautham Sheth - Director of Production & Sales, who graduated from Ryan college (US) and joined his father in 2007. He said, “Currently

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'Daetwyler sets new benchmark by doubling its sales of Coated Blades in Indian Market'

2017-11-16 By Associate Editor, Mumbai


Magnifying its sale by two folds in a span of just one year, Daetwyler Coated Blades sets new benchmark for Indian Market.


Global market leader for coated and uncoated doctor blades, Daetwyler SwissTec is the manufacturer of high quality doctor blades. Daetwyler SwissTec is an innovative providerof high-quality doctor blade types for every printing application and various other consumables for the printing industry. Their product portfolio is under continuous review in order to meet market andcust

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End-to-End Printing Solutions from Monotech

2017-03-01 By Associate Editor, New Delhi

Backed by several years of industry experience, Monotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high performance and reliable products and solutions for the printing and packaging industry. They are one stop solution provider to Pre-Press, Press, Post- Press, Digital Printing, Digital Enhancement, Wide Format Printing, Textile Printing, Engineering Systems, 3D Printing, Labels & Packaging Printing, and finishing requirements. Monotech exhibited in biggest printing and packaging event

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Labeling Solutions by Manroland India

2017-03-23 By Associate Editor, New Delhi


NOVEXX Solutions is a global leader for all needs in terms of Printing, Labeling and Print & Apply Solutions including a comprehensive range of labeling materials. NOVEXX Solutions originated from Avery Dennison, the inventor of the self-adhesive label, and is based in Eching near Munich. In India, Manroland India Pvt.Ltd. is the official distributor for the NOVEXX products.  Manroland was the prominent participates in PRINTPACK India 2017. We spoke to Mr.Sajan Abraham (General Manager Sourh Asia for Novexx solutions) and asked about the products that were demonstr

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New training modules from the Label Academy

2017-03-06 By press release,