Kiran Consultants showed ERP & CRM software solution in Pack Plus Delhi 2016.

2016-09-02 By Abhishek, New Delhi

Kiran Consultants is ERP and CRM Solution providers for packaging industry, since 1988. Based at Noida, Kiran Consultants provide in-house and Cloud based solutions. These solutions computerize the processes of a packaging from end to end.

We spoke with the owner Mr.Suresh Bansal and his son Mr.Gaurav Bansal about their future objective and their promotion plans. Mr.Suresh Bansal (FCA) said, “Gauging the need of ERP solution, we integrated our developed various stand alone applications way back in year 2000. It catered needs of Multiple Plants and had auto consolidation that was most required in the large companies like Uflex who has multiple plants at different locations.”

Adding to it, Mr.Gaurav Bansal said, “Our company is backed by strong technical and functional personnel. UFLEX was our first client for whom we made customized accounting package. Then we made various stand alone packages for Materials & Production, Payroll, Sales & Distribution including Excise records. We constantly kept making the software more and more exhaustive and user friendly. Today we provide complete ERP and CRM Solution for packaging and label industry.”

Speaking about the USP he said, “The USP of these software are that it is a industry specific software, it meets all the necessary industry requirements, section wise production, roll traceability, barcoded inventory. The SME units can start with our CRM Solution in minimum budget. This will computerize their leads management, inquiries and followups, Marketing reps activities.”

“Currently, we have few implementations lined up and would be busy in their implementation. We have a latest Cloud based solution for the company personnel whereby they can check order status. On development front, we are now making a customer portal, so that customer can himself see his/her order status.”

“Our objective to participate in Pack Plus North is very clear. We wanted to get more exposure and response. Targeted users are all SME industrial units manufacturing packaging and labels. They are more receptive to these solutions now due to increasing IT adoption. We wanted to demonstration and make SME units aware of the latest evolution. Further now a days, SMEs also need large business volumes for which they need to adopt latest IT Tools.  Our solutions are finding traction with these SME units. We have received desired response in the exhibition.”

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