Interview with Mr.Rohit Sachdev- Director Lucky Graphics

2016-06-15 By Abhishek, Mumbai

Please tell us about your background and how did you decide to enter into Printing & Label Business.

Printing is our ancestors business. I am from the printing background. In 1978, I joined with my uncle Mr.S.L.Sachdev in his printing business. My uncle was the chairmen of Standard Type Foundry, and also agent for many offset machinery companies. Standard Type Foundry is more than 100 year old company in India. He was agent for Planeta and for other European brands.

How do you see Label industry in current scenario?

Currently, India is not lacking in any field, India possess the same technology which Europeans or Americans has. Currently, India can deliver international standard quality products at affordable price. And that’s the reason, we have witness many international buyers as well as suppliers approaching the Indian companies for mergers and acquisitions in recent years. Like, Skanem Group partners Interlabels Industries, PPL with Huhtamaki Group and so on.

Are you planning to cater any other segment besides Flexo?

Our focus is sole on the Letter Press & Flexo markets. We expect to continuously tap those long term relationships. That means we’ll work with the manufacturers to develop new technologies that will deliver the Finest Products which people expect from us.

What are your current focus areas?

We are focusing more on Toyobo photopolymer plate which is mainly used in letterpress, dry offset and water washable Flexo printing. We launched this technology of photopolymer plates in India through Toyobo Co Ltd Japan (The Pioneer in the Letterpress & Water Washable Flexo Plates). The technology of photopolymer plate is far head of any other technology as it has built in flat top dots and it can go upto 4000 dpi, 200 lpi, and 1% dots resolution. The technology gained importance when roll-to-roll label printing machines was introduced in the market which got combination of photopolymer plate technology. Earlier it was copper and zinc blocks that were used in machines.

What are your business expansion plans?

Shortly, in the third quarter, for educating printers with latest plate technology, we plan to open a demo center in the western region around Mumbai. The center will educate and train the printers about the latest photopolymer plate technology. It will be 100 % Lucky Graphics Entity whereas the technical support will be provided by Toyobo.

How do you predict markets five years down-the-line and according to you, what is a reason of current slowdown in market?

Many people tend to think that our industry is going through a slow down and is in a decline state. But the fact is, there are several areas with great potential. Printing is not a seasonal business. E-platform has also taken over many things, like we do not see paper greetings and gifts.  In current scenario, printer in India are now dealing with multinationals and printers are investing lot of money in latest technology as they need to upgrade themselves to international levels so that they can fulfill the requirements of multinationals. I personally feel, five years down-the-line we would see healthy business because the equipment is very expensive. Government of India is also very liberal today because the list of non-importable goods is very limited. It is almost free trade in India.

Is competition the reason of plunge in the margins of suppliers?

Healthy competition is always good for any business. Everyone has their own margins. I see the market growing and developing for everyone and competition helps this. Plus we have some key advantages over our competitors.

With respect to the business, what is your immediate objective?

My immediate goal is to maintain stability in business and increase profits in 2016. Long term objective is of doubling the revenue by 2020.

Do you think the domestic market is saturated?

There is always an opportunity is any market, no market is completely saturated. Industry sometimes does face slow movements but that doesn’t mean that the market is completely explored. Industry is doing well and it will continue to do well. It just depends upon what pace it grows; sometimes it grows at 10% and sometimes at 30%.

What is the potential of Digital printing in India?

I am witnessing digital printing since 1990. The ratio of conventional vs digital might be 100:1, respectively. In comparison with the conventional printing, digital printing has lot to do in India. Digital printing will be easy accepted in developed countries but developing and under developed countries people will not opt easily because of its limitations. For example Flexographic machine or letterpress machine can print in many substrates but Digital printing machine might accept only limited substrates. Moreover, Flexo machines can do many job (multi task) like hot stamping, cold stamping, varnish, etc. whereas in digital machine you need to have separate additional equipment for additional job. Digital is good for short run jobs. Raw materials and Inks used for digital machine are also very expensive. Flexo has many capabilities and limited constrain, whereas it is vice-a-versa in case of Digital.

What is one piece of advise you would like to give?

Be innovative. That is the key aspect of success in any business. You need to develop new technology for the customer. Keep yourself in customer shoes and think what customer would require. That is also one of the highlight of my success, I always put my customer before myself. Moreover, I always upgrade myself so that I can upgrade my customer with better product.

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