Walk the Talk with Mr.R.Y.Kamat, Director sales and Marketing, Huber Group India

2016-03-16 By Abhishek, Mumbai

Walk the Talk with Mr.R.Y.Kamat, Director sales and Marketing, Huber Group India

Q) Please tell us about yourself and your contribution in Huber

I am the director for sales and marketing division of Huber Group. We are the oldest company in the history of printing inks and have complete 250 years. Till 2005, Mirco Inks was part of Huber group. I was associated with Mirco Inks since its inception, i.e. from 1990. Today, I head the domestic business of Huber Group India. Very recently Micro Inks India has changed its name to Huber group India.\r\n\r\n

Q) Tell us about your recent product innovation.

Huber Group India constantly eye on developing new technology. Considering the fact of ‘safety of food’, and today’s high demand for food packaging, we have designed special Inks for flexible packaging called ‘Gecko’. The Ink is design as per regulatory requirement to protect the food and eventually health of the consumer. This is specifically design as per GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. Nothing is important than a safety of a food and this is a food safe formulation for the world. Gecko is proven to be the one of the most reliable ink systems in terms of printing and final packaging performance. It has been designed to keep productivity an all production processes at a very high level. It also helps to optimize ink management, reduce press returns and left over inks.

Q) In current economic scenario how do you see the growth of the ink industry

The growth of the ink industry is directly proportionate to the growth of printing and packaging industry. At the same time, the expansion of printing and packaging sector is directly related to the GDP and economy.

Q) How do you see market for innovation inks like UV and Inkjet.

Both in Printing and Packaging, UV is extensively picking up. UV is used for embellishing any product. Today, when we go to any mall we see fancy carton packages been displayed in the shelf which is actually printed in with UV. We see some labels are also been printed in UV. Now-a-days it is also adopted in publication. Therefore, I see enormous growth for UV inks.

On the other hand, inks for digital printing are also fast catching up. Digital printing is adopted due to its short run capability with fast turnaround time. Of course, the future is digital. And I hope, we might see some fantastic innovations in Durpa for Digital printing.

Q) How do see the demand of environmental friendly inks

People are now more cautious towards environment. They have understood the urgency of not polluting their environment. The sustainability of any concept in future will directly depend on its hazardous effects. Higher the harmful element, higher will be the chances of rejection. Slowly but steadily companies and consumers are accepting the environmentally friendly products. ‘Gecko’ is one of our contributions towards formulating an environmental friendly product.

Q) With respect to demand of Inks, what is your observation in domestic market comparing with developed nations?

As per records, the per capita consumption of developed nation is much higher than the developing country like India. If the India’s per capita consumption gets at par with the other developed nations than there would be huge demand for printing and packaging.

Q) Tell us about future plans of Huber Group

We are ranked no. 1 in India and no. 6 globally. We have planned to focus on the high group trajectory sectors like packaging. We are planning to launch a hole set for basket for the packaging industry. Recently, we have introduced low migration inks for tobacco cartons and on the same lines we are planning to have inks for offset and folded cartons as well.

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