Kunal Enters into Material Printing Business

2016-01-20 By Abhishek, Mumbai

Kunal Enterprises have recently launched three new machines in Indian market, Sakurais MSDR60; a Roll to RollĀ printing machine, EP-PAK from Toppan, and series of Doming system from Demak. Besides these, Kunal Enterprise also announced its materials division. In PAMEX, Mr.Ajay Gandhi, MD of Kunal Enterprises said, From last 14 years we are selling machines. The companies to whom we have sold the machines have grown in many folds. We now have decided to be part of their successes and growth by providing them solution to their raw materials supplies.

Though, we do not intend to furnish all kinds of raw materials. Initially, in inks segment, we plan to supply materials like mirror inks, metal inks, holographic inks, and conductive inks; transfer paper for ceramic and textile substrate; and from clean room division we plan to supply sticky mate, swipe. With this diversification we aim to be One Stop Shop for our clients and prospective clients for all the printing needs. Sakurais MSDR60; Maestro Direct Servo Drive Roll to Roll Cylinder Screen Press Sakurai, manufacturer of cylinder screen presses has recently introduced new MSDR60, Maestro Direct Servo Drive Roll to Roll cylinder screen press in IGAS, (Japan) in September.

The press has an exceptional feature of printing. The traditional cylinder machine is a sheet fed machine, but the new revolutionary roll to roll cylinder press can be is used in for printing electronics, textile printing, printing windows of mobile, industrial labels, etc. MSDR60 is capable of printing into substrate of 25 micron which was not possible in past. The well-functioned roller (dance roller) and web guider ensures that the substrate goes into the press in an organized manner. The sheet edge and tension bars are controlled by the latest sensor technology.

The squeeze Pressure and flood bar drop-down are also controlled by a servo motor which is operated through touch panel. Because of Direct Servo Drive there is no backlash or play in gears, belts or any other driving parts. CCD camera reads the register mark which is pre-printed on the substrate and feeding length of the roll is adjusted automatically, then the master frame moves to side-ways to correct alignment. The highly sophisticated numerical controls operate the press automatically which to shorten the tact time, resulting in higher productivity.

The MSDR60 feeds substrates while printing, so the printing speed is twice faster than flat bed type of screen presses. Launched in September 2015, Sakurai has already installed few machines in just couple of months. EP-PAK  is designed by Japan's Toppan Printing Company. Toppan It is successful technology in Japan. It is a paper liquid container capable of accommodating various types of laminated barrier films and suitable for long-term storage of contents. It's suitable for hot and aseptic filling, allowing distribution of the product at room temperature. It can be used for containers for wine, soft dirks, cooking oils, liquid condiments, or any type of liquid products.

The new EP-PAK enables you to save energy and resources. It is 90% lighter than glass bottle which is easy to fold down. As a  paper beverage package, EP-PAK can be recycled in the same manner as milk containers. In Japan, EP-PAK can be recycled in the category of other paper containers. DP-PM CV Smart Doming Series\r\nDP doming machines are the result of DEMAK multi-year experience in resins vacuum treatment. Bubble-free final products thank to the innovative system of continuous vacuum degassing pumps.

This new Demak worldwide patent allows to get great performance even with compact equipment: moisture-free resin, automatic loading from original drums, accuracy and repeatability in dosing.\r\nDP2 series is the answer to a market looking for a compact machine yet featuring all the main function. Color System machine is specifically designed to apply 2-component resins combined with additives and inks to get colored, thermochromics, phosphorescent, fragrance labels and much more. Large Format machines are standard robotized benches from 2m (6.5f) to 10m (33f). You don't need to put limits in size to your needs anymore. Exclusive Demark technology to dispense a thin layer of resin (50 micron) on aluminum plates, highly requested in the automotive market through its Thin Film machines. All Demak technologies can be combined in one single machine i.e. in its COMBO technology. Demak offers you the solution to optimize your investments.

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