“TubeScan Ideal for Indian Flexo Printers” – Says Martin Betting -Director of Business Development at BST eltromat International

2017-09-01 By Associate Editor, Agra

Low on cost and high on performance, TubeScan Digital and TubeScan Eagle View provides considerably high process reliability. The system detects defects even during the printing stage and that is the reason it is highly recommended for all kinds of narrow web applications such as, press, slitter or re-winder.


We at 'Labels Flexibles & More' interviewed Mr.Martin Betting, Director of Business Development at BST eltromat International in the LMAI conference in Agra. Speaking about his contribution in BSTe, he said, “BSTe is a mid-size German company,started creating subsidiaries since the 1980’s. We have 6 manufacturing units worldwide in which India is one of them. Apart from Germany and India, we have factories in China, Japan and Brazil, covering almost all the continents across the globe. I have contributed 26 years to BST, started as a Project & Sales Engineer and then diverted to Marketing external sales. I had a pleasure to build subsidiary units worldwide for BST eltromat. I have visited almost whole world besides this is my first visit to India. Right now I am responsible for Business Development at BST eltromat International business and also leading the BST eltromat French subsidiary.”

Speaking about the USP of BSTe technology, Mr. Martin said, “BSTe portfolio is quite wide-ranging, starting with web guiding system, we have register control system, video web inspection, 100% defect detection, surface inspection, process automation, density & thickness measurement,etc.Though we have subsidiaries around the world, the key components of all the machines that BSTe manufacturers are identical, which means the important key components like the electronic parts which are assuring quality are manufactured in Germany.”

Specifically talking about the Tubescan, Mr. Martin said, “My main intention to visit India is to introduce a new product range which as per my view is perfectly adapted to market i.e. our new TubeScan technology. Developed for the world market, the product is extremely competitive and simple to use. It is a big success in Europe and South Africa and it will certainly give a good result in Indian label market. We have got lot of enquiries already and we thank LMAI for the same. The new TubeScan is simple to use and very economical. It can be operated with just basic skills hence the issue of skill operator is no longer a worry with TubeScan. It is a reliable technology and BSTe is ready to give technical support.

Mr.Khushal Patel, (Director -Sales & Marketing, BST eltromat India) explained the new technical improvements in TubeScan. He said, “The new Hybrid Technology in TubeScan systems is a combination of Line Scan Camera Principle and Matrix Camera Principle. TubeScan EagleView is a combination of two different cameras, it provides better control on the process as both the cameras are operational and inspecting the web simultaneously. This feature will help printers to have a better control over the process with minimum efforts.” Talking about the future ofquality assurance systems, he also added further, “Jump to digital will take time, but you will witness more automation and intelligence in the conventional presses. Quality still is the key area from pre-press to post-press that eventually will keep ahead in the race.”

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