Toray Presents Environmentally Friendly ‘Waterless Plates’

2017-09-01 By Associate Editor, Agra

Ink – Water balance is one of the most critical aspects of conventional “wet” offset printing. Ink and dampening solution are deployed to reproduce an image on press. Managing these twofluids, with completely different inherent propertieson the printing press is a fairly complex process, making the press operators job quite difficult.

Waterless printing is an alternative printing process for offset presses. The key to waterless printing is a plate that uses an ink-resistant silicone coating and eliminates the need for dampening solution. Waterless printing plates were introduced by the Japanese company ‘Toray’. They provide the innovative solutions while using fewer natural resources.

We at 'Labels Flexibles & More' spoke to Ms. Shoko Makita (Export Manager) of Toray Industries, Inc. Shoko was one of the delegates in the LMAI conference in Agra, where we enquired about their marketing strategies for Indian market. Briefing about her profile she said, “It’s been 20 years working for Toray, I joined Toray in 1996. Since then I am dealing in waterless plates”  
Speaking about the waterless technology, she said, “Due to less downtime and impressive print results, waterless plates are widely used in Japan, Europe and other developed nations. A standard offset presses equipped with a cooling system can run waterless offset plates.Label printing is a new emerging segment where waterless plates are effectively used. We perceive that there is a high
potential in India for waterless plates. We already have number of customers using our waterless plates in India. Initially, waterless plates were mainly used for security printing, like printing of Debit/Credit cards.”

Elaborating about their tie-up with TechNova, she said, “From this year onwards we decided to be more vigorous in our marketing campaign in India and especially for this country, we have appointed TechNova as our marketing and distribution partner. TechNova has been our partner for letterpress business since many years and we are completely satisfied with their services.Since we know each
other quite well now, we decided to extend our partnership for Waterless Plates as well.”

Speaking about the advantages of waterless plates, Mr. Sunil Kokane, from TechNova said, “Waterless is the future technology. By eliminating the use of dampening water, our label printers can accrue the following benefits :

1. More accurate printed dot, finer drawing, lower dot gain. Suitable for fine screens like FM Screening.

2. Wider color space with richer and bolder colors. Better solid ink density vis-à- vis conventional offset.

3. Higher consistency of color tones in process printing areas of a print job, as it does not require control of ink water balance.

4. Faster make ready time with reduced waste.

5. Easy adaptation with existing skill set, by eliminating ink-water control.

6. Less maintenance for the presses; no dampening rollers management, no corrosion of cylinders etc.

7. Environmental benefits due to elimination of the use of IPA and effluents; minimized VOC


Using waterless plates for special application on non-porous substrates can also reduce paper consumption and is more consistent. The savings due to waste elimination more thancompensates for the additional cost and in the end, it turns out to be more economical that the conventional plates.”

Concluding Ms. Shoko said, “We are offering a whole new technology of waterless printing system to our customers and not just the plates. We are always available for technical support, queries feedback, etc. from our customers.We see a lot of interest being shown in waterless plates by the printers in exhibitions such as Label Expoand Drupa.”


For further details customers can mail Mr.Sunil Kokane at or call at 9980444688

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