A.T.E Efficiently Caters Requirements of Packaging convertors

2017-09-01 By Associate Editor, New Delhi

Established in 1939, A.T.E. has evolved into a multifaceted engineering group offering world-class products and solutions spanning several segments. A.T.E. has developed several cutting-edge technology products and solutions and has a number of patents to its credit. We ‘LabelsFlexibles & More’ spoke to Mr. Ashok Sethuram, Director of Valence Electrons Pvt. Ltd. andwith Mr. Anand Mehta, Vice President, Head – International Business A.T.E. in their stall at PackPlus.

Guiding on the important requirement of production region, Mr. Ashok Sethuram, said, “A.T.E. covers three primary areas i.e. safety & health, productivity enhancement, and wastage of energy & recourses. When there is static on the film it can attract dust, which is detrimental towards the whole objective of antiseptic packaging & clean packaging. This static charge can lead to potential hazardous situation and even a chance of fire. For the effective elimination of static we have Valstat® a range of static elimination products for removing static charges from moving webs, sheets, bags and 3 D objects. During printing process ink temperature rises
resulting in suboptimal usage and affects print quality and indoor air quality. Our ink temperature stabilizer cools the ink to reduce fugitive losses. The another green solution from Valence is the Air-to- Air heat exchanger ‘Lamiflow’ that extract heat from the exhaust of coating, laminating or printing machines and using it to warm inlet fresh air. Evaporative solvent in the production area is not good for health. Inhaling of these solvents can create critical issue in human body in long run. For effective ventilation and cooling we have HMX-Ambiator, which is a new generation, low carbon, and advanced adiabatic cooling technology solution.”


Mr. Anand Mehta, said, “A.T.E. has extensive experience in the print and packaging industry spanning more than three decades. With its domain knowledge and in-house expertise in register control systems for rotogravure printers, it was a natural extension of the product portfolio for A.T.E. to add a range of stroboscopes, web viewing systems and 100% print defect detection systems. In line with our ‘invent in India’ philosophy, we are proud to be an Indian manufacturer that offers products of quality with international benchmark, which come with some unique features as well as the added advantage of local support. This year in Packplus we launched first full repeat print monitoring system – ViewAXIS Tera. A.T.E. continues to hone its products and services as we work towards providing our customers with innovative and cost-effective solutions. ”

Reviewing on the exhibition, Ashok said, “This is much focused exhibition and we are very happy participating in the show because most convertors from the north definitely visit the event and as per the size of the show four days are adequate.”

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