Innovative Guiding systems launched by BST eltromat India

2017-01-20 By Abhishek, New Delhi

In this edition of Label Expo India, BST eltromat had a good product presence in the overall show as its systems were installed in most of the running machine.

We spoke with the director Mr.Khushal Patel, director sales & marketing for BST Eltromat India Pvt. Ltd. He said, “We have launched POWERScope 5000 digital video inspection system and Tube Scan Digital which is a 100% inspection system. Visitors coming to the show cannot miss BST eltromat. Besides products in our own booth, our Web Guides and Video Inspection System are also installed in Multitech machines, and also Multigraph has our Shark 4000 LEX (which is a 100% defect detection system) installed in their machine.

Speaking about the present market condition, he said “To achieve better quality products it is necessary to have latest technology in the production line where dependence of human is less. The current competitive market demands printer to invest in the intelligent systems like these. Nevertheless, we are open to engage with dialogues and discussion where we don't have to sell all the time but just need to impart knowledge and to educate printers.”

In event of demonetization, he added “We do have witness slow booking due to unforeseen event of demonetization, but we think the things will eventually get settle after a quarter. However we have got good response in the show and we are quite happy about it.”

Concluding on the latest invention he said, “Shortly, besides existing products, we will be having another vertical of automation to offer to our customer in couple of months. We are developing a complete range of guiding and inspection systems that can be implemented in old machinery. It will be very much complementary to what we are doing today. Thus machines which are mechanical strong but electronically outdated can opt for this up gradation.”

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