Innovative in CorrExpo India 2016

2016-11-13 By Tanvi Sangani, Mumbai

Innovative Flexotech Pvt.Ltd., as the name implies is leading its way through innovation in manufacturing Flexography equipments since 1997. Ideally, Innovative Flexotech is a leading Flexo Printing Press and Photopolymer plate machine manufacturer in India. They demonstrated their latest technology in CorrExpo India 2016 held in Bombay Exhibition Center from 8th - 10th September 2016.

The ‘Make in India’ company Innovative Flexotech Pvt. Ltd. is sure to raise the benchmark of quality and technology in international market. The vision of Innovative’s Director Mr. Alpesh Thakkar has built the strong business platform for the company. We at Labels Flexibles & More spoke to him during the show and enquired about their latest technology.

He says, “I am a mechanical engineer and we are into manufacturing since 1997. Initially, we only used to manufacture pre-press machinery but gradually we started manufacturing all kinds of machinery for Flexo application. We have wide range of Flexo Photopolymer plate manufacturing equipment. From entry level to professional trade shop we have nearly 65 variants of Flexo Photopolymer plate equipments. In CPT plate equipment, we cater to all segments like letterpress (which is the biggest), water washable plates and the regular solvent based conventional photopolymers plates.

Recently we have introduced new model of digital plate making technology by the name of ‘Euroflex’. It is designed as per European standard i.e. Apost exposure drawer, combined exposure, dryer and light finishing unit. Today, the call-of-nature is eco-friendly products. It is a necessity rather than an option. Water-washable photopolymer plate equipment is one of our contributions to Mother Nature.

The salient feature of this product is that the plate can be made in quick time (in approx. 20 mins) and it has higher durability in comparison with conventional solvent based photopolymer plates. We already have 3 successfully running machines in India.

We also manufacture Solvent Recovery System - a step towards green and sustainable products. It is designed to recover chemicals washed-out of flexographic press. With specialties of distilling and cooling, it can be easily connected with in-line processor. Nearly, 85% of chemicals can be recovered through this process. This equipment can be used in any industry where waste chemicals are produced. We have installed around 300 solvent distillation machines in India. Almost all the gravure printers in India install machinery like these for recovery of chemicals. It ensures quick ROI within 1 year.”

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