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2016-11-13 By Abhishek, Mumbai

With Label Expo India around the corner there is a lot of buzz and excitement for the show and to add a cherry to the top is the prestigious LMAI awards in the industry

Labels industry is growing in double digits i.e. increment in the number of new entrants in terms of manufacturers and suppliers. In the upliftment of any industry, association plays a vital role. For Labels, LMAI i.e., Label Manufacturing Association of India is playing that role, the responsibility to educate the printers and uplift the industry to international standards.

Reconnoitre of the Future Campaigns & Program of LMAI we had a detailed conversation with the current President of LMAI, Mr.Sandeep Zaveri (owner of Total Printing Solution Pvt.Ltd.). Mr.Zaveri is a MBA from Birmingham University and took his core degree of printing from The London College of Printing. He aims to work for the welfare of the community. According to him, everyone should devote their time and money to the society because whatever we receive in the real world is because of blessing from Mother Nature and we should complement it by returning some part of it through severing the society.

Speaking about the LMAI Awards he says,

“There is too much of hustle & bustle within the association. This time for awards, we have record number of entries. We have encouraged every printer to put their entries for awards. The received entry company will be getting 2 entry passes for the Awards Night held on 18th November which is one of the Awards Night which every members eagerly waits for.

This year we have received 45 companies who have participated for the Awards , which is much higher  than the last awards where we had just 22 companies participating. Thanks to Mr. Ajay Mehta (of SMI), Mr. Amit Sheth (of Intergraphics) and Mrs. Renuka (of Premier Marketing) for reaching out to each printer and getting their entries. Their efforts are commendable.

One more uniqueness of the show is, besides the winner, this time LMAI will also be felicitating the first runner-up. This is to motivate the participants. The award winning entries will be flashed on the screen at the AWARDS NIGHT. As we all talk about standardization, LMAI ensured that all participants were supplied with unique kits on which the labels were to be pasted only.

About the next year programs he said, “LMAI’s next year calendar is already finalized, and we will be having various technical workshops and seminars in different cities. And our most prestigious conference will also be held next year, in July 2017. The venue of the same will be declared during the awards night.”

Cost Restructuring

LMAI conducted a market survey with a professional external agency which was a eye opener to all the printer members, to ensure profitability and sustainability it was discussed that each and everyone should be looking at the Machine OEE for which the formula was shared  by Mr Samir Patkar from Gallus ,India

We are currently working on a module of costing which will be released as a Mobile Application that will help the printers to take appropriate decision. Guidance will be provided on how to efficiently utilize the machines so that it will enable the companies to earn higher profits and reduce wastage.

LMAI will be closely working with the companies below 20 crore of capital. A third party will intervene, who will audit these companies quarterly and guide them in their operation. All the services will be offered at a subsidized rate. The whole exercise of costing is to create awareness about Reverse Auction.”

Training Program                                                                            

“Earlier Mr. Vivek Kapoor and Mr. Ajay Agarwal had started a program of training diploma holders in Avery Dennison knowledge centre. We have completed two batches of training diploma holders and observed that diploma holders are not very keen to become operators. Instead they are more interested in white collar job. Additionally, there is lot of poaching happening in the industry for operators.

Hence this time we have a different plan. We have located around 300 municipal schools in Mumbai. These children neither have appropriate guidance nor funds for higher studies. Usually, after completing their Junior college they go to malls for jobs or do some other insignificant job. Our plan is to counsel 5000 students out of which we might select 500 children. Later, batches of 25 will be trained in the Knowledge Centre. The first batch will commence from this year.  Jointly with Avery Dennisons we are working on training syllabus. After completion of training, students will be provided with a certificate and subsequently their names will be announced to the entire LMAI members thus interested members can come forward to hire them. Simultaneously, students also need to sign a bond of three years with us.       

Learn & Teach

“Mr. Rajesh Nema has initiated an incredible program called ‘Learn & Teach’. In this so called program, the supplier (of a particular product) will visit to the production facility of the printer and teach the operator on how to efficiently use their product. The first program was successfully conducted in Indore.

Mr. Neeraj Muni of Electro-Optic had come forward to provide the technical know-how on Flexi dies. He trained lot of companies in Indore, as too how to use & maintain Flexi Dies; how to increase its life and other various aspects. Certificate is provided to all the attendees.”


“Recycle is the need of the industry. Probably, by the beginning of next financial year we will arrive at a concrete and much more feasible re-cycle plan for the members. LMAI along with the project partner Avery Dennison is working on this project.

Other Programs

“In another exciting program, LMAI wants label printers to visit their label related gigantic companies like the Paper Suppliers, Ink Suppliers, etc.” 

Urge to the Members

“People in the association are working very hard and selflessly to educate and uplift the industry. You enjoy working when there is reciprocation from the other side. I want to request all members to improve their communication skills so that key issues are solved with ease.”

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