Interview with Mr. Abbas Aboojiwala, Co-founder & Director of Technoshell Automation Pvt. Ltd.

2014-12-26 By Abhishek Patwa, Mumbai

I along with my close companion Nikhil Baste and Tareen Shaikh came together in 1988 for manufacturing of machines and eventually in 1990 we decided to start a company named “Technoshell  Automation Pvt. Ltd.”. Initially, we were manufacturing machines for various applications. And in 1997 we got a break thru when we got an opportunity to make hot foil stamping machine. Today Technoshell is recognized for its automated machines world over. We are an ISO certified company. With 25% growth rate (year on year) our organization aims at absolute customer satisfaction with a strong focus on quality products.

Why in 1990?

In 1990, there were lots of reforms taken in Indian government. Mahmohan Singh was the new Finance minister. And automation was one of the focus areas. We thought that this is the time to offer sophisticated machines to the customers and with my mechanical background and Nikhil’s electronic background we could take a step in manufacturing machines.

How many lines of machines you manufacture?

We offer wide range of automated machines best suitable for business requirements.

  1. STM-300-RN: - Hot foil stamping machines suitable for heat transfer on round, taper and flat plastic products.
  2. STM-5000-F: - Hot foil stamping machines for stamping and embossing paper products & stamping on large plastic articles.
  3. STM-500-F/STM-500-R: - Stamping machines for small plastic products.
  4. STM-150-CS+: - Machines for stamping any convex shape plastic articles.
  5. CP-60-OR  :- High speed capping machine to fix screw-on caps and oriented snap.
  6. CP-60+ : - High speed tube capping machine.
  7. TP-60 : - The machine to transfer tubes from the outfeed conveyor of capping machines into bulk packing cartons. 
  8. LL-60: – Machine for lacquering and labeling application on tubes. 

We also offer jigs, fixtures, foils stamping blocks, dies, rollers and other related products to give customer “One Stop Solution” to all their stamping needs.

From where is the technical knowhow supplied to design the machines?

We have designed all our machines by ourselves. Our activity includes machine designing, parts manufacturing, assembling, electrical hardwiring, software, etc. In fact everything is designed in house and we relentlessly think on updating our technology. We constantly develop new machines for different applications. Our machines are designed keeping customers need in mind. Moreover we are an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for one of the Switzerland company named Madag Printing System AG for Tube Hot Foil Stamping machines and one of the Long Cap Foil Stamping machines.

How many installations you had done till date?

We had installed more than 600+ across globe. Our 65 to 70 percent of machines are exported in foreign countries every year. We had exported our machines to nearly 25 to 30 countries in the world.

How do you market your products?

Most of the orders come from our existing customers. Almost 60% to 70% are repeat orders. Though, we believe in direct marketing and we take part in all the major plastic exhibitions. In India, we participate in PlastIndia. And internationally, we had participated in the “K” fair in Germany 2013 which is the largest plastic exhibition in the world. We are exhibiting in the “K” fair since 2004. And twice we participated in the NPE show in US.

Are you participating in PlastIndia 2014 which will be held in Gandhinagar, Gujrat?

Yes, we are participating in the PlastIndia show .We will be displaying Hot Foil Stamping Machines, Tube Capper Machines and Case packer in PlastIndia 2014.  

What is the total area of your manufacturing unit?

Based in Nashik our manufacturing unit is of approx.20,000 sq.feet.

What are the challenges you face in your business?

The mindset of the people living abroad for the Indian manufactured product is pitiable hence it is hard to souk Indian product in the international market and we find it difficult to convince customers in terms of quality standard, safety, etc. Nevertheless the companies to whom we had already supplied our product know the superior standard of our machine.

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