A.T.E. launches full print repeat web viewing system - ViewAXIS Tera

2018-08-15 By Releases, Pune

A.T.E. has launched the ViewAXIS Tera – the first of its kind, full print repeat web viewing system for process monitoring on rotogravure printing machines. The ViewAXIS Tera’s advanced line scan camera captures high-resolution ‘near-print quality’ images which are then visualised on a 55" 4K monitor.  Since the ViewAXIS Tera also has a separate 22” touch screen monitor for operations, the large 55” monitor is not cluttered with operations screens.  This arrangement allows printers to view the entire width of the print web as well as the repeat on the large monitor and at production speed.


The ViewAXIS Tera thus fills a strong need in the competitive and quality conscious environment, helping not only to meet the increasing demand for superior print quality, but also reducing the material wastage!  Conventionally, during a production run, an operator visually inspects the print web to check the print quality. However, at high web speeds, it is impossible for an operator to spot printing errors with the unassisted eye. Conventional web video systems allow the operator to view a stationary image of only a section of the printed substrate, and the only way to monitor the full width of the print web was to use a stroboscope. However, when used for an extended duration, the constant flicker of the stroboscope can strain the eyes.


“Till date, rotogravure printers could only choose between an entry-level web video or a 100% print inspection system. The ViewAXIS Tera fulfils an important need in the print and packaging market. The 55” 4K monitor displays images at a resolution of more than 50+ megapixels, which is ‘near-print quality”, said Mr Anand Mehta, VP - Print and Packaging Equipment, A.T.E. Enterprises.


ViewAXIS Tera is bundled with features such as better image control and split screen functionality. These allow operators to precisely monitor the entire print web. This system can be used for any type of roll-to-roll printing applications and for various packaging substrates. 


The ViewAXIS Tera can be upgraded to DetectAXIS, a 100% print inspection system. This provides the additional advantage of staggered investment. On the ViewAXIS Tera, operators can be easily trained to identify errors on the 55” monitor. When the system is upgraded to DetectAXIS, operators are then fully trained to identify and spot defects.

With deep domain knowledge built over three decades in the field of print and packaging, A.T.E. is known as a reliable source of quality products. A.T.E. has developed customised solutions for demanding and complex printing applications. A.T.E. believes that ViewAXIS Tera will provide printers and converters with a competitive edge through the direct impact it has on cost saving, waste reduction, and improved efficiency, thus leading to increased sales and profitability.

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