Galaxy Packaging Installs Kohli’s Shaft-Less Rotogravure Printing Press

2018-08-01 By Abhishek Patwa, Nepal

A well-established company in sheet-fed offset business Galaxy Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (Nepal) is now expanding into flexible packaging by installing a 8 colour Shaft-less Rotogravure printing press from Kohli Industries, India. Besides the gravure press, Galaxy are also installing a Solventless Laminator, Slitter Rewinder and Reversible Inspection Winder all from Kohli, India. These machines have been sold through Kohli’s marketing partner Multigraph Machinery Company Ltd. (MMCL).  


All four machines were demonstrated recently at Kohli’s open house on 30 & 31 July at their factory near Mumbai. During the open house, we ‘Labels Flexibles & More’ spoke to Mr.Amit Agrawal and Mr.Amit Jhunjhunwala of Galaxy and Mr.Hiten Mehta, President of MMCL.


Mr.Agrawal says, “Nepal is a small country with a population of approximately 3 crores. Packaging for all food products are being imported from India and China. The flexible packaging players in the region are unable to satisfy the complete demand and quality needs of their consumers. Moreover, the standard of products that are delivered by them are of very low standard. The daily use products are being manufactured in huge quantity and therefore demand for packaging materials and other type of raw materials is increasing significantly. Our aim is to penetrate in our country and fill the gap of supply for packaging materials.”


Adding to what Mr. Agrawal said, Mr. Jhunjhunwala says. “It is a new venture for us and our moto is to give good service and better-quality products to our customers. We short listed Kohli after considering many other machine manufacturers. Kohli has a successful track record of Shaft-less Rotogravure Presses for around 10 years now which is not offered by any other gravure machine manufacturer.  With this technology, intervention of human manpower is very less. Nepal is a country where there is scarcity of skilled labours. With this machine, we will produce products as per market demand and later in the second phase we will be expanding with a higher speed Gravure press from Kohli having their latest ELS drive technology. We have also invested in the latest quality control equipment.”


‘For this project, Galaxy has bought additional land in Brigunj, Nepal. It is a place located in the centre of Nepal and near the border of India. All multinational’s have their units in Brigunj like Dabur, Patanjali, ITC, Unilever, Parle. Since it is in the centre, material transportation and logistics within the country is very easy.’ Says Mr.Agrawal


 Mr. Hiten Mehta, of MMCL, Says, ‘Kohli is Made-in-India at its best, offering a machine at par to European standards having the best engineering, metallurgy, after-sales-service and a stunning design and finishing’


‘Kohli in last few years have taken over the pioneers of the market and have reached the top. The nearest competitors who were earlier quoting a higher price than Kohli have now started offering higher discounts as they have been unable to match or compete with Kohli’s technology. With a complete new vision of customer first, continuous development and after-sales-service Kohli has gained the confidence of all their customers.


Kohli’s latest Gravure Press having ELS drive technology has reached a printing speed of 450 m/min. What Kohli has achieved in terms of machine features, software upgrades, sustainable higher speeds and profitable short print runs is phenomenal. Mechanically and technology wise there is a change and upgrade in every second or third machine coming out of Kohli’s plant showing their dedication to continuous development and constant advancement with is totally based on customer needs and requirements. In every open house we come-up with many new features in the machine.


Making a bold statement, Mr. Mehta adds. ‘We are very confident that in next 2 years we will be the market leaders not only in India but in Asia. Today any prominent company in India wanting a new Gravure Press for short or long runs will first consider Kohli.’


‘Currently, Kohli is at a 60 - 40 ratio where export contribution is 40%.  Existing and prominent converters who are already using European Gravure Presses (manufactured by world leading OEM’s) are also now looking at a Kohli Gravure Press for their next expansion plan. Kohli has been exporting to over 30 countries all over Europe, Eastern Europe and South/Latin America.’ Says Mr. Mehta


MMCL’s Mr. Deepak Kadam also shared “In a span of 3 months apart from the regular MLS & ELS machines Kohli will be having its second Open House for a completely loaded 450 m/min Press in August-September 2018 where we are expecting a large audience to visit and technically evaluate the machine”

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