Valence launches real time electrostatic charge monitoring system

2018-08-06 By Staff Editor,

Valence Electrons Private Limited recently launched its real-time electrostatic charge monitoring system, Valstat® SM20.

Excessive static electricity can result in the accumulation of dust particles, and give shocks to the operator, leading to loss of productivity. Static can also cause sparks which may sometimes lead to fire.

Valence’s Valstat® SM20 is a real-time electrostatic charge monitoring system that continuously measures, displays, and records the surface voltage on charged moving objects. Data is collected from these sensors, stored and displayed. When the measured value exceeds the threshold of measurement range or a pre-set safety level, an alarm is triggered. In addition, it is possible to retrieve and analyse the collected data.

The Valstat®SM20 is an improvement over the conventionally-used handheld meters that are used to periodically measure static charges. The SM20 is securely fixed at the location where the target is to be monitored. This eliminates measurement variations due to differences in the way the meter is handled, as well as due to location and distance. Instead, a real-time, accurate and continuous signal proportional to the static charge on the moving objects is available for further analysis and diagnosis. The discharge or neutralising effect of the static charge eliminator is also efficiently monitored for continual safety. Expensive man-hours for inspection, testing, and validation are also effectively reduced.

Ashok Sethuram, Director of Valence Electrons, said: “We are proud to launch the Valstat® SM20 real-time electrostatic charge monitoring system. It is an extremely useful safety and preventive maintenance device that will benefit several industries.”

Valence is an A.T.E. group company headquartered in Bengaluru, India. Valence designs, manufactures, markets, sells and supports various products and serves customers across the world with innovative products and solutions. Valence is a leader in providing world class solutions for managing static electricity, ink handling and conditioning, surface cleaning, and heat recovery to industries such as flexible packaging, printing, textiles, plastics, glass, automobile, pharmaceutical and many more.

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