FSSAI plans to implement 'Traffic Light Labelling' rules on Packaging and Labelling

2018-07-10 By Associate Editor, MUMBAI

'Traffic Light Labelling' is a system of indicating the status of contents using the red, amber or green a la traffic lights. The system was first implemented in the United Kingdom in 2007. This labelling allows people to know about the nutritional content of the packaged foods – such as salt, sugar and fat content – as red for very high (unhealthy), amber for moderate, and green for low (healthy). Foods with 'green' indicators are healthier and to be preferred over those with 'red' ones.


The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is planning to make changes in the Packaging and Labeling Act 2018. In short, these rules will be applied to the packaging of food items.


In addition, under the new act, the quantity of nutrients will be written on the front side of the packet instead of its back. In addition, companies involved in manufacturing the packaged foods will have to write the quantity of sugar, fat and salt on the packet too.

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