Darshan Flexibles implements Flexibiz ERP

2018-07-05 By Associate Editor, Mysore

A south India based flexible packaging company, Darshan Flexibles has recently implemented Flexibiz  ERP solution for sustainable growth. The company has two state-of-the-art production plants at Mysore.


Since its inception in 1995, Darshan Flexibles has been delivering value-added and cost-effective quality solutions to the constantly evolving packaging requirements of varied industries in India. The prudence and exceptional capability of their promoter Mr.Ashwinni Hemdev has a gained a great momentum for the company.


The production facilities of Darshan Flexibles and Pyraa Flexibles is equipped with the latest technologies from Italy and Germany. For printing, the company has deployed a Bobst Rotomec – a gravure printing press, while for lamination the company has installed Nordmeccanica Super Combi 4000 – capable of solvent-less, solvent-based lamination as well as water-based lamination powered with vector drive motors and web tension control. “To ensure that we deliver innovative and consumer-appealing packaging solutions to our customers, we installed Bobst Rotomec that has contemporary features like auto-registration, web-video, defect detection system and reverse station option,” said Ashwinni Kumar, director at Darshan Flexibles.


The company also has extrusion coating line with lamination which is predominantly used for food and coffee packaging, that is powered by a Huilong extrusion machine that aids in improving product shelf-life. The slitting re-winding unit of can slit and re-wind up to 16 separate flexible rolls on each of its four high-speed slitting machines and four coil re-winding machines.


Darshan Flexibles believes in innovation and delivering value added products to its customers. It has also patented some of these innovations and value additions. Recently the company came up with quite a few innovations including registered strip laminated wrappers for confectionery packaging, random number printing for promotional activities in food product packaging materials – both of which are being patented by Darshan Flexibles.


‘We are well pleased with the ERP Implementation done at both of our plants. All the objectives we had kept in mind have been met. We are able to keep track of all the jobs progress, inventory status, Quality checks, accounting checks. It is a boon for the production staff.’ Says, Mr. Bhartendu Mehta, Vice president, Darshan Flexibles.


Flexibiz ERP is the most reliable software solution for the flexible packaging convertors in India. The company is exhibiting their latest ERP solution company in Pack Plus Delhi 2018 at Hall 12 Stand 9. 

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