ROBOSLIT® plus – Truly superlative

2018-03-06 By Associate Editor, Ahmedabad

Using Plastindia as an opportunity, SP Ultraflex premiered their latest offering, the ROBOSLIT® plus Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder rated 1000 MPM. The machine ran at full speed several times a day, performing flawlessly to a rapt audience comprising the leading converters in the country and overseas. ROBOSLIT® is the registered trademark for the series of dual turret slitters manufactured by SP Ultraflex and at the time of going to press, 18 slitters from this series have been installed. The ROBOSLIT® plus Dual Turret Slitter Rewinder is an upgraded version of the regular ROBOSLIT® series with enhanced features that result in higher productivity, better finish of slit reels, a host of safety features and better power economy. The focus has also been to reduce operator dependency through automated set ups and simpler user interface. What stood out during the live demonstration was the fact that acceleration times from 0 to 1000 MPM and de-acceleration times from 1000 MPM to 0 were a mere 45 seconds apiece. “The higher operational speeds are particularly useful when running thinner substrates where the running length of web exceeds 2000 meters. A lot of changes in design have been made to achieve such a high speed, without the accompanying vibration. We have also equipped the slitter with two motors in the unwind section to achieve better control over unwind tension,” said Biku Kohli, MD at SP Ultraflex.

At stall H7F1, SP Ultraflex`s theme was to showcase both their basic model and their most advanced model at the event. Accordingly, SP Ultraflex also displayed the PRIMASLIT® FL, a front-loading slitter as differentiated from the usual rear loading slitting machines. The machine was equipped with a trim rewinder to compact trim wastage, allowing for a cleaner and less noisy environment, while at the same time reducing power consumption. “This machine is our most basic duplex slitter but considering its speed of 600 MPM, it is quite advanced in the context of the Indian scenario. In the PRIMASLIT® FL, the unwind and rewind section are on the same side, permitting the operator to load and unload the rolls from the same position and making process supervision a breeze. Besides, this model also allows better access to the cutters than traditional, two side machines. As for the trim winder, to the best of our knowledge, we are the only OEMs who manufacture their own trim winders”, adds Kohli.

To add to the good experience by way of customer response, SP Ultraflex was felicitated by the PLASTINDIA committee as the best stall in its category, for stalls exceeding 76 square metres, making it a truly memorable show.

Sp Ultraflex has noticed a boost in sales and most of their orders are repeated. For instance, Hyderabad based Shrinath laminators already possess two of their ROBOSLIT® series slitters and a third is going to be installed in the month of March. Apart from the two models displayed, SP Ultraflex has many more thoughtfully differentiated models to cater to diverse customer requirements through standard and proven designs.

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