SP Utraflex: From Evolution to Revolution

2017-11-16 By Associate Editor, Mumbai

During the course of the last 3 decades, SP Ultraflex Systems Pvt Ltd has played a key role at every stage of the evolution of converting slitters for the flexible packaging industry In India. A keen ear for customer feedback, accompanied by astructured mechanism for feeding this information back to design and a culture of constant innovation has always kept SP Ultraflex several steps ahead of the times. This was the underlying theme as Biku Kohli of SP Ultraflex delivered his presentation during the recent 6th Specialty Films and Flexible Packaging Conference organized by EliteplusBusiness Services at the Grand Hyatt, Mumbai.


The event saw the convergence of technical experts and key decision makers from all over the country, sharing information and exchanging views on the latest trends and developments in the field. “This annual event is an ideal platform to showcase the latest developments in our range of machines to a focused audience”, said Kohli at the sidelines of the event. “During the last edition of this conference, we spoke about the relevance of web inspection rewinders for waste management. We spoke about the ROBOSLIT® series of dual turret slitters and the huge impact they had on productivity. We spoke about how both machines, together, can work wonders for the top line and bottom line of a converting company. This year, we very happy to share that we have installed over fifteen ROBOSLIT® dual turret slitters in the last three years, with the most recent one exported to Thailand. Even more encouraging is the fact that in many cases, customers have come back to us for their second or third ROBOSLIT®s, having seen the forecasted difference in productivity realized on their shop-floor.


During the presentation, Kohli covered four stages of evolution of converting slitter rewinders. During the first two transitions, the focus was on reducing rewind changeover time and it was quite evident that a saturation point was reached with the third generation. By permitting the user to carry out rewind changeovers while the machine is still running, the fourth generation ROBOSLIT® series machines are able to deliver between 50% and 100% higher productivity than duplex machines for most converting jobs. With thicker substrates, shorter reel lengths and more number of cuts high, the difference in productivity is still higher. In the words of, Kohli, evolution gave way to revolution in 2014 with the fourth generation ROBOSLIT® series of machines.


Kohli also walked the audience through its wide range of converting slitter rewinders, covering the PRIMASLIT® compact series, the ULTRASLIT® series with separate unwinds and of course, the dual turret ROBOSLIT® series, which had three sub-variants, depending on customer preferences.

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