2017-03-08 By Associate Editor, Pune

A renowned packaging machine manufacturing company - Nichrome India has
global presence in 45 countries. It has done over 7000+ successful installations around the globe and is undoubtedly pioneers in Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines and Aseptic Pouch Packing Systems. The company aims to become a premium global brand offering end-to-end integrated packaging solutions. We at 'Labels Flexibles & More' spoke to the Director Mrs. Mrunal Joshi and enquired about their latest development and future strategy for domestic market.
She says, Especially for Indian market we have come up with new high speed packaging machine model - Maxima 400. This is a dedicated machine for up to 200 grams packaging, at the speed of 400 packets per minute. This machine is also available in a single head version for speed 200 packs per minute. This machine has a large demand in the spice industry which has huge market penetration in India. The machine is also viable to pack milk powder for Dairy Industry. Additionally, we have a new version of snack pack machine that reaches up to 110 packs per minute and also Stick Pack machine which can pack up to 400 sachets per minute for hospitality industry for small ketchup sachets, sugar & salt sachets, coffee, seasoning mix sachets etc. In milk packaging, we have achieved a speed of 12,000 packaging per hour which is the highest in the industry."
Speaking about the new end-of-line machine she said "Looking at the market
needs, we are offering end-of-line packaging solution. This involves packing of primary packaging in secondary and tertiary packs. End of line solutions were available in rigid packaging but since flexible pouches are difficult to handle the option was not available in flexible packaging. We being in the Flexible packaging industry for past 40 years and have gained expertise in handling the flexible pouches.
She further added "Nichrome has further diversified its base with Thermoforming machines. We have collaborated with an Italian company named Tchnovac, for distribution and servicing of their thermoforming and Tray sealing machines. There is an increasing demand for the Tray packing in the dairy and bakery segment like for packaging perishable items like cheese and cottage cheese (paneer). We also see the Indian sweets and snack market converting to this type of packaging.  This technology is very popular in west and other developed nations."
Concluding about the effects of demonetization she said, "Due to demonetization there was a tiny dip, but since we are servicing Food Industry we were not as affected as others. I think the market will pick up eventually or rather it has started picking-up. We have done many installations in dairy industry specifically milk packaging, and due to excellent monsoon in 2016, the seed industry has also started to gain momentum. Our target will be optimistically achieved by end of March 2017 of 400+ installations."


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