Bosch presents new horizontal cartoning machine CFC 2012

2015-03-06 By XYZ, XYZ

At Anuga FoodTec, Bosch Packaging Technology, a leading supplier of process and packaging technology, launches the new horizontal cartoning machine CFC 2012. It was developed especially for large-scale secondary packaging formats of the food industry with a width up to 12 inches. “The development of the CFC 2012 is based on our long-term experience with bag-in-box machines and in-feed solutions, and backed by our profound line competence. Thanks to an optimized control and conveying technology, the cartoning machine ensures quick format changes, as well as safe and reliable product handling,” explains Daniel Sanwald, product manager at Bosch Packaging Technology.

Due to a wide range of in-feed systems, the machine can be flexibly used for many different products, such as bags with or without side gusseting, as well as stand-up bags with gable top. Even with the largest folded carton and product formats, for instance for cereals, the machine achieves an output of up to 200 folded cartons per minute. Modern servo technology guarantees supported, fast and reproducible format changes.

Due to the insertion aid, the CFC 2012 achieves the highest efficiency and product safety. The products are reliably and gently inserted into the folded cartons, thus ensuring that they remain intact at all times. Since transportation is lubricant-free, no grease can compromise the product infeed. The products are transported via a robust strap conveyor belt, which can be expanded segmentally. Moreover, the CFC 2012 operates quietly and requires little maintenance. A three-star rotor with patented dual drive enables the safe removal from the large stock of folded cartons, and ensures highest process safety throughout the entire format range. Thanks to the especially compact design, the machine can be easily accessed, cleaned and maintained from the operator side. “Together with the intuitive operation with an integrated HMI (Human Machine Interface), the horizontal cartoning machine stands for maximum operator friendliness at minimum maintenance effort,” says Daniel Sanwald.

For the packaging of dry free-flowing products such as coffee or tea, Bosch offers customized and modular vertical form, fill and seal machines allowing for high flexibility and a broad variety of pack styles and top closures. For customers looking for packaging solutions for flour or sugar, the new mandrel-wheel machine concept and its design provide a high degree of flexibility by shortening size changeover times. The portfolio is complemented by product protection systems such as valves and fully integrable equipment including hygienic auger fillers as well as checkweighers. Depending on customer requirements, the primary packaging machines can be combined with the respective cartoning machine to form a line. This way, the bagged products receive the matching secondary packaging.

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