Spice Industry transformation thru Automation A Nichrome Initiative

2014-12-27 By ERD, Pune

The fame of Indian spices is older than the recorded history. The story of Indian spices is more than 7000 years old. The rest of world has always been fond of traditional Indian spices. India exported about 524,690 tones of spices during last year. Estimates by the ministry of commerce showed, indicating exports in the financial year ended March 31 were likely much higher than the previous year. However, even today the traditional business of Spices is mostly handled manually. All the process such as material feeding, grinding and packing were done manually. While the global FDA norms are becoming more strict Indian spices industry is in a need of adopting modern-ultramodern technology.

Nichrome a leading packaging machinery manufacturer and the pioneer in form fill seal machines in India has executed a unique automation project for traditional Indian spice industry. Nichrome used its wide experience of powder conveying and material handling systems to provide the automation solution in Spice processing, packaging and post-packaging sections. With the help of its advanced and fully integrated packaging technology and automation know-how developed exclusively for Spice business Nichrome aims at changing the face of Indian spice industry.

Commenting on the changing scenario of Indian spice industry, Mrs. Mrunal Joshi, Executive Director of Nichrome India Ltd says, “As the spice industry is looking at wider horizons- like export, they have to adhere to the HACCP norms where manual handling in food processing is minimal and hygiene is of prime importance. This reflects in the quality of the product. The automation of processing plant also enables reduction in product wastage , labor dependency, floor space optimization  that leads to increase in through put. To market your brand for exports or at modern retail chains, such complete automation and integration of pre and post packaging processes is of utmost importance. Nichrome is ready with such a fully integrated packaging solution that is going to help the spice industry successfully maintain and increase exports and win the shelf space in domestic retail chains .”

Nichrome has successfully supplied and commissioned a complete integration plant at J.D. Marketing in Bengaluru for the capacity 10 tons per day, in  2012 and now a second such plant is under production. J. D. Marketing is a 100 year old Kolkata based company with a strong regional brand of spices known as ‘Cookme’. This solution is for handling of raw material up to post packaging system for spice powders like turmeric, coriander, cumin, Chilly. Raw spices like whole Chilly, coriander & cumin seeds are crushed in to fine powders and conveyed to VFFS packing machines.

The total solution comprises of handling of raw material, packaging and post packaging system solution for basic or blend of spices.

Mrunal Joshi concludes saying, “The Indian spice production and quality is world renowned and the thrust should now be on packaging, branding and marketing initiatives to enable the spice growers and producers to command better prices, get more margins and tap the wide global horizon.”




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