ATE Launches 100% Inspection System

2016-09-07 By Abhishek, New Delhi

Recognized for its world class solutions for printing processes, ATE aims to enhance the efficiency. ATE is reckoned as a reliable source for quality products with unfathomable domain knowledge build over three decades in the field of printing and packaging. 

In Pack Plus Delhi, ATE launched its 100% inspection system.

We spoke with Mr. Anand Mehta, Vice President (Head – International Business) and Mr. Jayesh Pathare, Vice President (India Operations) Mr. Pathare said, “Our focus is mainly on packaging and label industry. In pack plus, we have launched 100% defect detection system for labels. We are proposing the two stage evaporating cooling system i.e. HMX - Ambiator which takes care of energy cost and also gives dust free atmosphere with a positive pressure inside the workplace. Also few other products like gluing system which an economical and high-end variation.

The Inspection system is 100% self developed machine and has all the features loaded in it. After analyzing all the available systems in the market we came-up with this system which is embedded with all the desired functions

It is a user friendly system, not only for inspection but also for analytics. Additionally, all the user interface of this machine is icon driven due to the fact that the operators in our country are not highly qualified and having too much of text would have increased their job difficulty. Image processing is one of the strengths of this machine. USP of this system is that it provides crisp reports with suggestions for corrective action whereas reports by all other inspection systems are too long and complicated

Adding to Mr. Pathare, Mr. Mehta said, “Technology redundancy is major issue, and to overcome that we have used best technology and standard components available in the market. Moreover, it is very competitively priced in comparison with our opponents.

We have revamped complete technology viz is our register control system, Alygn Axis. In Alygn Axis we have up to 95% of the branded and standard hardware and there is hardly 5%-7% proprietary hardware. We have sold close to 150 Alygn Axis. It is not only installed in India but also in developed countries like USA & China. If required, we would not hesitate to change the complete platform of the system. We try to understand and get deeper into customer requirement and provide them with sound and concrete solutions

Well known for its post sales services since 36 years, ATE has regional offices in all major cities in India. Trained engineers visit the clients twice a year to check the installed machinery. Remote access is also provided to all the regional offices for the installed machines. After receiving authentication from the operator, engineers can check the process log after dialling-in from their respective office and errors can be detected sitting miles away from the device and thus providing speedy solutions to the client.


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