Condot Shows its Strength in Pack Plus

2016-09-02 By Abhishek, New Delhi

Condot System is well known for Marking & Batch Coding, Variable Data Printing, Transport Systems and Vision Systems. In Pack Plus Delhi, Condot displayed VIAjet™ T-Series T100 print head and Drop-on-Demand system both from Matthews Marking Systems.

During the Pack Plus show we got the privilege of speaking to Mr. Vijay Kamath – GM Marketing of Condot Systems. His words, “First time Condot is participating in Pack Plus. Condot is very successful in printing and packaging industry. From here now we have ventured into various markets like FMCG, dairy, food, metal and other industries due to launch of our new Matthews Marking Systems. Matthews Marking System is world leader in marking and coding products. Mathews is a US company having manufacturing unit in Sweden. In India, we are the official representative of Matthews Marking System.

We are displaying T100 the most powerful and versatile printer. Powered by MPERIA™ it has the ability to print vertical, horizontal and/or down with high resolution. It is packed with unique features like seamless stitch of print height. With remote connectivity it has both automatic and manual cleaning system which perfects print quality and reduces ink consumption.

We are also displaying Drop-on-Demand printer designed to provide high contrast, permanent marks which are required in various products like plastics, steel, wood and construction related products. It is best for cement bags, woven sack, rice bag, food product pouches and even on daily items. The printer can print alphanumeric with barcode and any company logo.

USP of these printers are that the whole solution viz. ink, software, machinery etc. all has come from one company i.e. Matthews Marking Systems™. Customization of ink as per requirement is also possible. High on Durability i.e. they can work from 8 to 10 years without any maintenance. Another salient feature of this printer is the MPERIA™ controller which basically drives the printer. It can be integrated with any plant based software like MRP, SAP, and MIS so it’s very convenient for any company to install it.

Currently we are developing a new system viz. ‘track-n-trace’ specially designed for Pharma application. It will be launched next month and can be displayed in P-Mec in December this year

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