DuPont and ESKO scale new heights together

2018-12-01 By Associate Editor, New Delhi

The label industry has continued to face the challenges of producing more labels faster—more so in shorter runs. This has resulted in lead-time pressure and the growing complexity of workflows supporting the need for greater efficiencies.

DuPont and ESKO share a long-term relationship that is committed to innovation in sustainable packaging print solutions, providing the highest quality and productivity. At LabelExpo India at stand E10 they collectively displayed the prepress workflow.

DuPont Advanced Printing has highlighted the newest enhancements to the flexographic printing workflow process and showcased its pre-press offerings at Stand E10 A at LabelExpo India 2018. DuPont showcased the DuPont™ Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD thermal processor, Cyrel® FAST 1000 ECLF exposure, light finisher and post exposure unit and DuPont™ Cyrel® EASY flexographic printing plate technology. At the show, customers got the opportunity to see live prepress workflow for flexo platemaking.

Speaking to Labels Flexibles & More, Prasenjit Das, Sales leader - South Asia for DuPont Advanced Printing business said, “ESKO and DuPont are a showcasing their products together because it completes the entire prepress workflow and it becomes easier for customers to visualize and understand the entire workflow process. The Cyrel® FAST 2000 TD thermal plate processor is the latest addition of advanced technology to the DuPont portfolio. Just to give an idea of how easy the plate processing is, we kept a live demo of our system where the customer could see the imaging in ESKO CDI imager to plate processing in Cyrel® in a span of 45 minutes. As there is no solvent involved there is no wait time for drying of plates, it really matches the quality of solvent plates and sometimes even better than solvent plates.”

Elaborating on the relationship, he says, “ESKO and DuPont have a long history of working together on technological advancements and commercial collaborations in flexo printing. Working with ESKO has enabled us to innovate our hardware, improve flexo print quality and simplify the flexo platemaking process through integration and automation.”

“We have been working very closely for over two decades, in fact, the first CTP (computer to plate) device for flexo was jointly developed by DuPont and ESKO way back in 1995. The CDI imaging device of ESKO is named after Cyrel Digital Images of DuPont. Before launching flexo printing products in market both the companies test their respective product in the other’s testing laboratories and mostly work together in developing new technologies in flexo.”

“India market is growing for flexible packaging and there is a strong need for environmental sustainability without compromising on quality and productivity. Cyrel® 2000 TD will be meeting all requirements and objectives of customers.” Das concludes.

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