Advanced 4.0 connected workflow solutions from BALDWIN

2018-12-01 By Abhishek Patwa, New Delhi


BALDWIN Vision Systems (BVS) showcased the latest developments at LabelExpo India, stand C5. Guardian RTM - a new real-time quality monitoring and reporting tool; and the Guardian PQV - advanced 100% print inspection. Their portfolio includes new features in defect detection and color management technology.


The new Vision Systems business unit of Baldwin Technology Company, Inc. unites former brands PC Industries, QuadTech, and Web Printing Controls.

Guardian RTM uses a central server to monitor, collect, and display real-time inspection data for multiple presses and jobs—and even across multiple plants—on a simple, uncluttered dashboard user interface.


Guardian PQV capabilities include automated setup and automated job changeover, limiting operator intervention for a more efficient and accurate inspection process. The system provides true 100 percent print inspection for pharmaceutical, converting, label, flexo, wide, and narrow web applications. The PQV ensure total quality management in the production workflow.


Color management workflow technology features includes ColorTrack™ software, which automates the process of delivering absolute consistency from press-to-press, shift-to-shift, and plant-to-plant. Significant advancements being demonstrated include options for customized ‘out of tolerance’ alerts, capabilities to reduce changeover time and leftover ink, precise calculation of required ink quantities during job setup, per-job monitoring of real ink costs, and the ability to manage conditions across different processes, presses, and facilities to guarantee brand color fidelity. New data gathering, production monitoring, and reporting tools will enable quality managers to deliver full production overviews to print buyers and brand owners. These enhancements provide even greater control for highly accurate, fast, press-side correction of ink formulations.


According to Gerry Stanford, business development manager of BVS, “Automation is always the driver of any market. The convertors in India are now quality conscious, even mid-level label printers are interested in adding the solutions to control print quality. All the systems, like the Guardian PQV and Guardian RTM can be retrofitted in any machine and along with the color management software will give new life to their production facility. We have more than 1000 employees in the world and present in all the major countries. The Guardian PQV can be installed on press or rewinders.


These enhancements exemplify our commitment to delivering future-proof systems that regularly undergo updates to ensure they meet printers’ changing requirements. The Industry 4.0 technology featured at Labelexpo India is a sign of things to come from BALDWIN Vision Systems. The launch of new products demonstrates our heightened focus on providing the latest solutions to meet market demand for fast, accurate, and increased quality control.”


Mr. Hemat Desai, Director of BALDWIN Vision Systems – India said, “After the merger of three companies we act as a power-house solution provider for the printing industries. With the merger we have the solutions for every printing industry like offset, narrow-web, wide-web, corrugation, etc. The unique featured products like the Guardian PQV and Guardian RTM are the real game changers. It gives quick ROI. The system can support the convertors in the multiple areas of production. We have manufacturing facility in India.”

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