Importance of Participating in Trade Shows: The Label Industry Expert Perspective

2018-11-01 By Priyanka RathiVerma, New Delhi

If you are looking to generate a highly lucrative business lead or require a platform to test or launch a new product that provides better visibility and credibility for your brand then exhibiting in a trade show is just an apt marketing tool for you.


Just like two facets of a coin, exhibiting in a trade show has two distinct perspectives .One lobby of exhibitors believe participating in a trade show is a necessity which has to be endured rather than exploited. On the other hand, the other group believes that while trade shows are expensive and are of limited value to any business, their participation is purely based on peer pressure.If they will not participate then their buyers may think they are facing some financial difficulties which can acts as a dent to their image and may turn out to be very unhealthy for business growth.


 “Trade shows provide good exposure, certain  shows connects us with the small ticket buyers like SMEs and few connect us to the big tickets buyers like ITC, Walmart and more,said Mr. Ajay RaoRane, AVP Digital printing Solutions-Domino India.


Trade shows are the best place to meet a cross section of customers, understanding the current industry trends and receive feedback on your machines and services. It gives you an opportunity to understand what your competition has to offer and you can witness the unveiling of latest technology on the floor, says Mr. Amitabh Luthra, MD-Printers Supply Co. Pvt. Ltd.

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