Esko - Packaging Simplified

2016-11-13 By Abhishek, Mumbai

Esko – ‘Packaging Simplified’  CorrExpo 2016 was held in the month of September at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai. The event saw many participating companies displaying their products.  Esko was one of the prominent names amongst them. Esko is a leading global supplier of integrated solutions for the Packaging and Label Industry and displayed their ‘X’ series digital finishing table during CorrExpo.  

During the show we spoke with Mr.John Winderam, General Manger (South East Asia & South Asia) at length about their products and strategy for India. He said, “It all started at Drupa where we came with a message of ‘Packaging Simplified’. We are conveying to our customers that at whatever stage of the packaging workflow they are, they can come to Esko for a solution for that particular workflow, and even if they are in multiple areas of workflow they will be extremely interested with the connectivity that we provide through a self-driven environment between the processes.

So rather than being just an island of expertise we provide connected solutions to our customers.”   About their recent developments, he said, “we have re-designed our existing software and made it more integrated, so it now addresses more of the critical issues of our customers. We also introduced two ranges of digital finishing tables in Drupa i.e. the ‘X’ series and the ‘C’ series. We have displayed ‘X’ series here as well. What’s unique about these series are that the customers who are not ready to buy a fully configured solution initially, can now acquire this entry level equipment and later can upgrade as their business evolves. From the beginning, we already had software modularity but now we also have this in our hardware as well. So customers initially can buy a starter model and as their business grows they can add new options without making a single big up-front investment.”  

Regarding customer needs he says, “We are focused in serving needs of the customer no matter which segment they are in. Customer satisfaction is our top most priority. Today, corrugators are exploring the possibility of moving into other segments like flexible, packaging, labels, etc. and I think because of our extensive solutions, we can offer them something more familiar even if they transit to other sector.  

Speaking about the Indian convertors and their awareness, he says, “Indian customers are hungry for technology and value quality but are extremely price sensitive. The top tier customers are well aware of the innovations as they make efforts to find out about recent developments in technology. The next tier customers are less aware and it’s our job to make them aware and we accomplish that through events like these i.e. running seminars, road shows, expos etc.   We have also tied up with education establishments and provided them with our software so that the students studying printing and packaging have the best tools with which to practice. Since they are using industry standard software they gain practical knowledge of the software functionality and not just the theory. Post-graduation they will already be familiar with the industry’s leading software and this will help them in finding jobs and the industry will have employees who are familiar with the software and need less training. So it’s a Win-Win for everyone.  

About Esko’s marketing strategy he says, “We have made a small change in our approach to Indian market. Since India is a huge geography, it can never be addressed as a whole and there are many potential customers, particularly in tier 2 and tier 3 cities. Regardless of number of people employed by us, we can never hope to address the whole market by ourselves. Hence, we have started working with a small number of carefully selected partners and are addressing some of our new customers through them. We plan to do a number of events with our partners to tap potential customers and we are positive that in near future we will see the fruits of our labour with the marketplace becoming more aware of Esko’s solutions and how they can help in improving productivity and quality.”

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