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2016-03-06 By Scanvik Packaging, NA

Since 1955 Bieffebi has been producing ancillary machines for the flexographic printing industry, and has sold more than 11,000 units worldwide. The company has its presence in more than 90 countries backed by a skilled after sales service network dedicated to its customers. Bieffebi’s name is well established for its flexibility, reliability, leading edge technology and many patents developed during the years based on customer’s feedback. During the past 5years Bieffebi has dedicated itself to innovation and have three important world patents to their credit in the field of plate mounting machines Pressure roller to remove the air bubbles between sticky back and sleeve; Virtual information software (called VIS) which enables the proof without inks; Automatic, Digital Pre-mount Control System (DPCS) through laser which allows the checking of the geometric tolerances (Patent Pending) of the printable areas and of all the equipment. The Virtual Information System (VIS) allows the mounting in register all types of  plates with or without crossmarks/microdots through image by using PDF files in the scale 1:1.With tremendous advantage to the operator both operational &cost wise Bieffebi has sold a number of units in India with this innovative patented technology. The most recent installations include Huhtamaki PPl, Uflex Ltd, Montage Enterprises, KanodiaTechnoplast, Mother Diary,Dynaflex, Kalpena Industries etc\r\n\r\nFeatures and advantages of the Bieffebi VIS mounting system include

1. Faster programming: To program the position of the cameras, you just have to touch the picture or the microdots appearing on the touch-screen 17” colour monitors and confirm.

2. The cameras aren’t the reference, while the reference is given from the PDF file.

3. Dimensional control of the plate: With the mounting system with PDF files, you can check whether the plates match with the files in 1:1.

4. Full-screen and empty-screen plates: Mounting not only on the microdot but on the whole image allows us to verify that the full image is in register, and not just the microdot: this in particular if we have full-screen and empty-screen plates, since they have different distortion.

5. Possibility to mount also without cross and/or microdots or with damaged microdots.\r\n\r\nMoreover, is possible to mount also small pieces of plate instead of the whole plate.

6. It is possible to make a mounting report for each plate of each mounted colour compared with the file. To verify the correct mounting in-register of each colour compared with the file; To memorise (digitally or on paper) each mounting showing: Mounting date and time; kind of tape used; kind of anylox used; number of the sleeve; other relevant notes. So this report can replace the register proof on paper, and it is obtained without using inks After the success of the VIS system Bieffebi Developed another innovative technology called the LASER DPCS APPLICATION (Digital Pre-mount Control System) Automatic, Digital Pre-mount Control System (DPCS) through Laser which, by means of plate PDF file (colour by colour), checks and measures in about 90 seconds the geometric tolerances of the printable areas of the sleeve with the tape and, mainly, that the difference between the maximum and the minimum points is no more than 0,1mm approx. This to have a good quality, printing speed and a start-up time reduction. If the difference between the maximum and minimum points should be higher than 0,1 mm, is possible to overlay, change tape or change the printable area with another colour, to see if that difference is in tolerance. In this instance, for example, if during the mounting of the cyan colour a difference of 0,17 mm between maximum and minimum points is measured, it could be possible to load the file of the black colour (the area of the bar code, for example) and the area of this other colour could be in tolerance. The DPCS application allows also for checking of the tolerance of the sleeves, intermediate mandrels (adaptors)  and Anilox. Siting the above advantages of the VIS & DPCS systems, Bieffebi has surely taken the mounting process to the next level and is fast growing to be the standard norm in flexography printing. For more info please contact : Scanvik Packaging 329, Kuber Complex, New Link Road Andheri West Mumbai-400054 info@scanvikpackaging.com

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